(CLOSED)Black Radiance Giveaway!

So many of you have told me that you haven’t been able to try Black Radiance Products so I thought I’d put together some great products they make for one lucky winner in a giveaway!

These are some of my favorite products so enter to WIN! International entries are welcome! Good luck!

Giveaway includes:

Instant Eye Appeal Set- Downtown Browns 8 Pan Palette and two black eyeliner pencils

Artisan Color Baked Blush Set- Baked Powder Blush in Warm Berry w/Blush Brush

Lush Lips Lip Gloss Set- Elegant Bronze, Plush Plum, and Marvelous Mocha Lip Glosses

Great Pair Eye Set- Creme Eyeliner in Black, Body Building Mascara in Black, and a sample of the Continuous Creme Eye Color

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  1. says

    Now this is tricky lol! Depends on the product. Lip products Revlon and shadows Maybelline and/or Wet n’ Wild. And Wet n’ Wild for blushes. :D

  2. Amber H. says

    I love so many things from the drugstore but my favorite brand would have to be either Revlon or Maybelline. However my favorite mascara is the Jordana Best Lash….see It all :)

  3. Aishea says

    There are so many, I love the wet and wild shadow palettes, revlon lip products and maybelline mascara. For me it depends on what I’m looking for.

  4. Amoure says

    My favorite for is different depending on the products, elf (tinted moisturizer), Jordana (lipstick), WNW (lipstick and nail polish), L’Oreal (mascara), Milani (face powder, gloss, lipstick).

  5. Brieann says

    My favorite Drugstore/Discount Brands are NYX and Milani and also Black Radiance but we don’t have a retailer that carries them in my area. It’s sad but I see these brands as more of a luxury item because where I’m from if you’ve got them it’s like gold.

  6. says

    My Favorite drugstore discount makeup brand has to be Maybelline because I think I have almost every quad they have ever made because of how fun the colors are to play with and I also love the Age Rewind concealer it works and it is my all time fav.

  7. Anitra Hawkins says

    It’s hard to really say because I have a lot of drugstore products.. My favorite would have to be Maybelline and Black Radiance.

  8. Anne says

    ugh this is a hard one ><
    wet n wild for their outrageously low prices
    but revlon for their lip products and new eyeshadow quads :)

  9. kaylee says

    My fav. has to be elf cause I have so many items from there rangeing from 1-4 $ and that’s it! My favorite thing that I have by then is elf’s hd powder and 1$ eye primers.

    thanks for the giveaway (:

  10. says

    My favorite drugstore products are usually from rimmel london, but I’ve been looking for a red or heavily-leaning-toward-red blush, so the black radiance blush looks amazing.

  11. Kajol says

    Wet n wild is my current fav brand, they are out with some amazing stuff at great prices and great products!

  12. sristy24 says

    well for drugstore discount makeup i always go for wet n wild!! their eyeshadows n eyeliners r realy good !!! eyeshadows are very pigmemnted!! i also like black radiance blushes alot !!

  13. Michelle says

    My favorites would have to be elf and wet n wild. They both not only have great products that work extremely well, but also have such great prices to match which I’m really thankful for because I can get a whole bunch of products from them for a really great price!

    Thanks so much for doing this, your kindness and generosity is much appreciated :)

  14. Mandy says

    Great giveaway! Amazing products. My favorite drugstore brand would be Wet ‘n Wild, unfortionatly it’s not available in Dutch drugstores. My favorite drugstore brand that is available in Holland…i guess probably Catrice! I love the lip products, eyeshadows and mascaras. Very affordable too!
    Lots of love from Holland xoxo

  15. Malin Hellesund says

    It really depends on the product .. but I really like Mary Kay (dont really think that is drugstore though..) and I also like some of Isadoras products :-) And I like “The Balm” too!

  16. Janelle says

    At the current moment I’d say L’oreal. I’ve been loving their new items they’ve been bringing out

  17. Pauline says

    I love Black Radiance products but they are not available in my city so I would be ecstatic to win these items. Thanks for doing this!!!

  18. natashia says

    In new zealand we have SOME drugstore makeup like Revlon etc… only thing its not cheap :( I’ve ordered Wet n Wild from US and I love it but it doesn’t sell here just like Black Radiance doesn’t. (sob!sob!)

  19. Kristina says

    I love maybelline!! And revlon for lips.. I’ve never tried Bkack radiance! Never seen it in stores…

  20. Mellinda says

    My favorite brand would either be Revlon or NYX. At my drug store (HEB) they sell NYX so that is my favorite with Revlon as a close second. I love the colors NYX uses and Revlon’s lip products are amazing!!

  21. Su Young says

    I love Neutrogena because I feel like it really does help my skin while I’m wearing it, and I need all the help I can get. If I get even a single blemish, the scar it leaves behind stays for over three years! INSANE!

  22. Melissa says

    I would love to try the black radiance sets. I adore the 8 pan wet n wild eyeshadows, and I know they are made by the same company.

  23. gabby says

    i really like wet’n'wild (their eye shadows are always a bargain and more often than not good quality), hard candy and rimmel (i really like their lipstick collection with kate moss).

  24. Naznin Azeez says


    Thank you for this great international giveaway… I definitely love Revlon!… The lipbutters are out of this world… I love Avon mascara too….

    Thank you..

    Naznin :)

  25. says

    Oh this is a hard one. I live in Australia and all our drugstore products retail from $28 dollars up (maybelline, revlon etc)and aren’t considered cheap. My favourite though is L’oreal

  26. Eleftheria says

    Maybelline and Revlon, but there are many brands I’ve never tried since they are not sold where I live :(

  27. says

    So hard to pick a fav.. ELF has great inexpensive makeup brushes… I always go Maybelline (using the new gel mascara and it’s GREAT!!! nO CLUMPIES, FEATHERLIGHT, and only take 2 good coats:-)

  28. Sherry B. says

    I love Wet’n'Wild and, as Black Radiance is also made by Markwin’s, I know that I would also love it! I would definitely give an eyetooth to own that Downtown Browns palette (fell for it the first time I saw it on a blog!) and I really want to try the other products. Thank you for the giveaway, Crystal; your’s are always for something I would really love to own!

  29. angelica says

    I’ve been into maybelline and have always been a big fan. I’ve tripled other brands but for me nothing works as great as maybelline

  30. sristy24 says

    ur so generous girl !!! wish i could win this giveaway !! have never won any of them ever !! n dnt hv black radiance products near me!!! so fingers crossed !!!

  31. vickie says

    I adore Revlon for the lipsticks and L’oreal for the mascara’s… the Voluminous mascara has been used by me for over 10 yrs now and if they ever stop making it I don’t know what I would use. :(

  32. Vernette says

    I think a great makeup collection consist of drug store and high end. I love Maybelline and L’Oreal. They are my favs. I have never tried black radiance before but I would like too.

  33. Alexandra says

    Sleek!!! Lots of shades for WOC!!! Hope I win, can’t get the brand in the UK, not that I’m aware of anyway

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