Bobbi Brown Neon Pink Lipstick

I’m crazy in love with bright colors so this Spring’s overwhelming trend for brights has really had an effect on me already. I love Bobbi Brown and would you believe this is my first actual lipstick from the line? I couldn’t believe it myself when I hunted through my stash only to find that I have gloss but not lipstick from Bobbi Brown. My first color is a wild one! Neon Pink is something beautiful and bright. Even more importantly its comfortable to wear thank goodness. It has a gel-like easy to love texture to it.









There is a pretty orange shade available for Spring also and I’m thinking about getting it. This color really is something I am into. I have a thing for pink:) But the fact that this is so lightweight and easy to wear has me sold on it. This won’t be my last lipstick from Bobbi!

Rated A

The mix master in me already has Neon Pink paired with Pink Tulle High Shimmer Lip Gloss. These two are going to be FIRE together whoop!

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