Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Collection

Sometimes a collection stops me in my tracks. Especially if there is pink in the mix. Here are some pictures from a new Bobbi Brown Collection, Rose Gold. I liked the Neons & Nudes Collection and got two things from it. But this collection, this is IT! I don’t think Neons are wearable every day so this effort by Bobbi really moves me!

Take a look!

Rose Gold & Wild Rose Shimmer Bricks ($39 each)

Lip Gloss and Lipstick ($23 each)

Sorry I don’t have the colors labeled specifically. I saw that the Shimmer Bricks are up on the Nordstrom site but not the gloss and lipsticks. I just wanted you to have something to gaze at. This is so pretty. I am thinking I need to try my first ever Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose, the last dark gloss in the picture above, and the deep fuchsia lipstick. Just to show you guys, not because I want it or anything;) Ha!

Let me know if you’ve tried a Shimmer Brick before, I’m the last one to try one I think. I always see them at the CCO but I never have purchased.

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  1. Nancy says

    I really want to try my first Shimmer Brick also and in This picture Wild Rose looks awesome all plum, purple, and pink. On the Nordstrom website it does not look like it does on your picture or other pictures I saw THe one on the Nords site is less appealing Wonder which one is true to what it really looks like.

  2. JenJ says

    The Rose Gold Collection is calling my name. I haven’t tried her shimmer brick before. I know she’s mentioned that you can use them as eyeshadows as well.

  3. Sabrina says

    Thank you for the head’s up about this gorgeous collection! I’ll have to check out those colors in person. I wonder if any of the glosses/lipsticks is a possible dupe for MAC’s LE lipglass Style Packed, which is sold out online, I think. I love that hue of pink. :)

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