Break From Beauty: You Must Try This!

I love to eat, it’s a fact. I’ve never been one of those girls that orders salads or stays away from GOOD food or tasty snacks. But I am not a really big ice cream lover and I don’t ever get excited about Klondike’s or stuff like that. But this…is different. It’s so good that after my first one I realized I was going to be obsessed with Magnum bars for quite a while.

They come in packs of three at the grocery store. There are several flavors available. I like the Classic but if your into Carmel, Almonds, or Chocolate they’ve got you covered. I told my friend in Ohio about this and she texted me from the grocery store and she said that these better be good because they were priced at $5 for three bars. I told her I’d send her $5 if she and her husband didn’t like them. Of course they did, these are amazing!

I am not into Klondike’s because I don’t think the chocolate coating is really good. The Magnum chocolate coating is Belgian chocolate and it is out of this world. The ice cream inside is like Haagen Dazs quality. It’s the best. I just ate one before I started this post and just talking about it makes me want another one.

If you like chocolate ice cream like my husband, this is the one you need to try. He LOVES the Magnum Double Chocolate.

Check these out next time you’re at the grocery store it’s my summer guilty pleasure. Some people like a beer on a hot day, I’ll take this!

I bet Eva doesn’t eat many/any of these but she looks good with one….

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  1. Fame says

    I got this ice cream the other day and it’s some of the best ice cream I have had. Worth every penny.

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