Burberry Hibiscus Lip Gloss No.13

Ahhh I love this stuff. It’s from Burberry’s Spring Collection and its the only thing I got. But trust me its enough….Hibiscus Lip Glow completes me.









This is my second gloss from Burberry. I reviewed the shade Blush a few months ago. I loved it. It’s a nice nude-ish pink color but Hibiscus is all glossy deep plumy goodness! Hibiscus looked dangerous and sexy in the tube and that translates to your lips. It’s really glossy and comfortable to wear.

I don’t have many of Burberry’s lip gloss colors. The shades they have are a neutral lip lovers dream which is fine but I love COLOR. Mostly crazy color let’s be honest. So I was so excited about this and I am so glad I snapped this up. Here are a few shots in the early morning sun. Check this out at the counter if you want some color in your life!









Rated A

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