Burberry Mallow Pink Lip Glow No.19

Burberry Mallow Pink, $27

I learned after showing this shade in a YouTube haul that a mallow is a type of flower. Makes sense because this color is one I’d love to see outside in my yard! It’s a beautiful sort of sassy pink! I love colors like this because if you are feeling bold a color like this with a darker eye look is going to make you look like a very confident girl! I favor lighter shades with deeper smoky eye looks but this is right on the edge and makeup rules should be thrown out the door whenever possible.

You heard it right here ladies. The first rule is no rules!

I picked this up from Nordstrom online. I knew I’d love Pink Sweet Pea but this one I wasn’t sure about. But I love this one just the same so it’s all good. Take a look at how pretty it looks on the lips!









Sorry but it’s an overcast day and the sun has been missing on the east coast for days. But even on a cloudy day Mallow Pink is beautiful! I have been touching up after meals with this one. I can get four hours or so of wear but touch ups are needed after drinks and meals with this glossy finish. I believe this is limited edition so get it before it’s gone. I think this shade will work for a wide variety of skin tones which is a plus!

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