Burberry Mulberry No.24 Eyeshadow

When I pick up a Burberry shadow it’s a big deal. They have some great shades but at $29 a pop I gotta be in love. When I saw Mulberry No. 24 from the Autumn/Winter release I thought it could be love but now I’m sure! Isn’t that a pop song?

Anyway, Mulberry is a pretty dark burgundy plum color.

Mulberry No.24-$29 (.088oz.)

I love my bright eye looks but my everyday looks are full of usable colors like this. Mulberry is a shade I put all over my lid slap on liner and mascara and look fantastic in. I’ve done this at least five times since I purchased it. I love the texture and depth of color in this shadow. The sparkle is just right. Burberry shadows are buttery soft, easy to apply and the pigmentation is perfect.








So there may be dupes out there but I am so glad I picked this up. I think my other shade No.21 Midnight Brown is far more unique. But overall I’m happy with my purchase. I wasn’t sure about getting this until I saw some comparisons. I was worried that Mulberry was similar to two of my favorites Hustle in my UD Naked Palette or Le Metier’s Bordeaux. It’s not like either! Maybe my eyes are failing me. Bordeaux and Hustle are NOTHING like Mulberry. Maybe I need a stronger prescription for my eyes…this is embarrassing! I’m freakin color BLIND!

Take a look…








Le Metier de Beaute Bordeaux, Burberry Mulberry, and Urban Decay Hustle (l to r)

Are you laughing now? I am. They aren’t anything alike. I suck. Check for this color at Nordstrom-it’s worth a swatch to see if it’s right for you.

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  1. Dawne says

    I wanted to buy this a few weeks ago but Nordstrom was sold out. I hear it will come back in stock though. I have Midnight Brown on my list as well. Good to hear you like them. I can’t wait to get them.

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