Burberry No.19 Brick Red Lipstick








This is the beautiful season of Fall in a tube to me. Such a nice color. It’s going to make more appearances on my lips this Fall that’s for sure. This is my first Burberry lipstick and I’ve already got another. I’ll show you that soon:) I’m going to try to keep this new addiction under control but as always I make no promises.

I was seduced by the packaging when I first opened it. This is luxurious stuff, let me tell you. I love the case and the magnetic/metallic closure. Very nice….and the beautiful design in the lipstick is a very nice touch. But how is the lipstick? It’s pretty good. It isn’t drying and lasts on me a good 4 hours without a touch-up. I’m ok with more touch-ups if it equals a more moisturizing product. Dry lips never look good no matter what color they are right? Speaking of color I love this shade. It’s a little out of my comfort zone but that’s definitely a good thing. These lipsticks retail for $30 each.

I’d say that you should try this if you have a Burberry counter near you. I know the Burberry counters are hard to come by though. I had to do a blind faith order myself. On a recent trip to Chicago I got lucky with a counter in Nordstrom’s with a fantastic sales associate so I got to try some more of their stuff. So far the lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and blush haven’t disappointed me at all. Those individual reviews are coming soon!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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