Chanel Kensington Rouge Allure Lipstick

There is a small but special collection available on website called the Knightsbridge Collection. I took a look at the collection and knew that I wanted to try the bright pink Kensington ($32) Rouge Allure Lipstick. I love Rouge Allure’s and I don’t have a bright pink lipstick from Chanel yet sooo….I ordered it!









Just like my other Rouge Allure’s this lipstick feels great on the lips. I get 3-4 hrs of wear from Allure’s and because this one is so bright I watch it to make sure I don’t look nuts every few hours. In the Knightsbridge Collection there are three lipsticks, one gloss, and a highlighter/blush. Check out the collection before its gone on the Chanel website if you are really into PINK like I am. It’s a pink lovers dream collection actually! Everything is pink.

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  1. pappetee says

    This is such a lovely shade on you, Crystal! The entire collection looks beautiful, am thinking of grabbing either Kensington or Hyde Park. :-)

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