Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss-Troublant #68

Two things I need to tell you right off the bat here. One-every blog I read can’t be wrong. Two-I’m already thinking about getting a backup.

I’ve seen this gloss on everyone. Every skin tone there is. And it looks so GOOD on everyone. From Perilously Pale to Messy Wands. But the post that tipped me over the edge was seeing it in a beautiful post from Micheleista. Seeing it on someone with a skin tone like mine was the nail in the coffin. That post of hers made me want Troublant in the worst way.

Take a look!

















Besides looking great this gloss feels good also. Not too sticky and smooth as butter. Take a look at this shade at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Chanel’s website. It’s $32 but worth it. MUST GET BACKUP!

Let me know if you’ve picked this up! It’s from Chanel’s Fall 2012 collection by the way so don’t sleep on it.

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