Chanel Spring 2012 Haul

This post is going to be picture heavy because everything is BEAUTIFUL!

Today I went to Neiman’s for a fantastic event and got made over by Chanel’s National Makeup Artist John Fussell. Besides being one of the nicest people I ever just met, I’m sure he’s a genius. He used the Spring collection for the makeover and made me realize AGAIN that I need to move out of my comfort zone.

John used the new Spring Eye Palette Eclosion on my eyes and the Soft Glow Blush on my cheeks.  I knew I had to have the Soft Glow Blush. It’s just amazing and works for all skin tones. It comes with a cute brush. This pretty blush is one of those things you hate to use cause it’s so cute.







Soft Glow Blush (regular light/sunlight)

Then he started on my lips with two colors I’d never pick for myself. Bagatelle #161 Glossimer and Rouge Coco Shine Flirt #69 (Flirt #69…Chanel has a sense of humor I think) both of which just scream Spring.

Glossimer Bagatelle #161 and Rouge Coco Shine Flirt #69








(in sunlight see the gold flecks of shimmer!)

I never would have tried these two colors but who knew that they would equal….THIS!

Amazing huh? I almost lost it, that’s just BEAUTIFUL ain’t it? I’m going to wear this a LOT. And the nail colors…can’t forget those. The colors are called April, May, and June.

April, May, and June

The Chanel Spring 2012 is trickling into stores now. I got my haulage at Neiman Marcus in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Kathy Shoreman is the one to ask for if you need this and don’t have it near you! The Soft Glow Blush and nail colors are sure to go fast. Make sure you get yours before they are gone!

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  1. says

    I was at Neiman Marcus last night and I don’t recall seeing these, i’m gonna have to go in and take another peek!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    I loooove that powder!

  2. says

    Just Gorgeous!! My first impression of the blush was that it was goning to be too ashy for my skin tone but then I read further and you said it was actually applied to your face for the look. Interesting. I would have love to see the complete look on you missy! :-)

    • says

      I think its great and everything has a little gold in it (even the blush has a gold band of color second row from the bottom) except for the nail polishes that is!

  3. says

    Everything is so lovely and definitely says Spring Time. My picks would most certainly have consisted of the blush and the June nail lacquer. I also think the lip colors compliment your skin very well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pappetee says

    Thanks for letting us take a peek of your Chanel haul. Everything looks amazing. Looking at the blush, it reminds me of Guerlain’s rouge G, which I unfortunately missed out. Do you have any idea if they have the same pigmentation?

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