Clarins Gloss Prodige #07 Blackberry

I showed you Chocolate #01 recently and did a full review on Clarins Gloss Prodige Raspberry #06 so this is just the last color that I have to show you. Check your Clarins counter for these if you are a gloss girl. At $20 a tube these are some amazing glosses. Just try one…I dare ya.

Gloss Prodige Blackberry #07 is a stunner…..









Blackberry #07 has some beautiful shimmer specks in it (gold mostly) that I think set off the color really well. I felt like I got punched in the face with fruity goodness when I opened this gloss. It smells like a fruit bomb. I love it but if you hate strong scents like that beware. Think of it this way though…in a pinch you can dab this on your wrists and smell fantastic:) Ha!

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  1. Rene says

    I bought Blackberry 2 weeks ago and just purchased Raspberry over the weekend. I sure hope they come out with more colors because these are the perfect gloss in my opinion.

  2. says

    Omg that Raspberry is GORGEOUS! I must get it! Luckily I work at a cosmetics counter in a department store and the Clarins counter is right across from me Lol. Yay for my employee discount too! Thank you for sharing this post, Crystal. Clarins is a line that I don’t really look twice at since I’m a Black girl and their makeup shades to compliment darker skin are very minimal, but I love that lipgloss and it looks amaze on you! I will definitely be buying a tube! Thanks again, doll. :)

  3. Lavendar says

    Must….have…this…GLOSS! My heart is palpitating like crazy right now! I am so in love with the shine and the color. The look you have is what I was expecting from Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss, but the texture was way off…not glossy enough and dry-feeling to me. Definitely returning that one. On the way to my hair appt. tomorrow, I’m stopping to pick this up. Seriously!!!!

  4. leslie says

    That color looks good on you! I think i NEED that! Have you tried their moisture replenishing balm? (blue tube) I happened to be walking by their counter and my lips were dry so i thought i’d try it and i ended up buying it! Is the lip gloss moisturizing?

  5. leslie says

    Girl , you right on the money! I went and bought the Blackbery. I also ended up buying the Instant lip corrector in Rose. I tried it on in store and my lips were soft for ALL DAY! It smells like cupcakes!I’ve officially gone over budget!

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