Clarins Instant Concealer Is Something You Might Want to Check Out!


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Finding a good concealer has always been hard for me. I have serious under eye circles and not a lot of concealers give me relief. Well this one does give me relief in a BIG way! I talked about and gave Instant Concealer a positive review in a recent Chopping Block video on YouTube and so many people asked for more info I thought I’d do a post on the concealer also.

What is great about this formula is that it has a thin texture but packs enough pigmentation and moisture in it to work really well on your under eye issues. I don’t need much product at all which is really nice. I tap this into my under eye area and I look wayyy more rested and shoot even younger after I am done! I really like the coverage. Instant Concealer dries fast and I just tap a small bit of powder to set it after using and I’m done! It’s perfect for use every day.

If you have issues with under eye concealers creasing I think this is something that might help you out. I do prefer to set the formula with powder but if you don’t you might be ok. I notice that this formula isn’t drying at all but does stay put if i use my favorite eye cream and don’t use too much concealer. Again you don’t need much. In the beginning I was using way too much but I learned fast that a little bit will do the job! This never went cakey on me either which is great. There is nothing worse than covering up discoloration only to find a thick gooey crusty mess under your eyes hours after application.

From the Clarins website:

Customized, tinted correction for all types of dark circles. Shades conceal shadows and signs of fatigue—restoring a natural skin tone to the undereye area. Long-lasting, fluid texture blends flawlessly and smoothes eye contours. Medium to high coverage.


There are four shades available and I use the deepest one #04. It’s the perfect shade for my under eye area because it adds a brightness there that I really like as well as covering my under eye craters! Take a look at this at your favorite Clarins counter and test it out! It’s $30 but well worth it.

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  1. Dee says

    Hi everyone, here’s a little question: I’m a porcelain, aqua-eyed redhead. Not so much as dark circles–my problem is a ruddy circle. Actually two questions: I’ve read that now apply the concealer after all make-up/powder whatever had been applied, using the concealer as a top coat? Can that be so? Also, on occasion I’ve used a green-hued concealer stick very well blended to tone down the ruddy areas. Any ideas for me?

    I want to eliminate all the areas of redness (it’s not irritation or inflammation, it’s the color variation for my individual complex tone…or lack thereof).


  2. Privldz says

    I think we share the same undereye issues. Everytime I read one of your blogs posts, I feel like I’m hearing myself talk about my dark circle issues! Thanks for this rec. Must try out!

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