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I wanted to love this new foundation from Clinique. It’s called Stay Matte and lets face it my combination skin (with oily t-zone) could use all the help available staying less oily. Just so you have an idea of how oily my forehead and nose gets most foundations last on my skin a few hours (3-4) before I need to take a powder. The unfortunate thing here is that this foundation has the same staying power as regular foundations in my stash. I was disappointed to find that this formula was no different performance wise than foundations that I’ve purchased that aren’t named or marketed to oily girls like me! That’s not what I was expecting.

I was hoping it would help me stay matte longer but it never happend! I would put this foundation on and three hours later the grease was visible. Not what I was hoping for. In the first one to two hours my skin looks fantastic. So by hour three when the oil poors forth its a surprise. I was so sad to see this happen day after day but by day four I was done with this stuff. I may pull it out when the weather gets cooler but as far as day to day in the Spring/Summer this is a miss for me. The color match was dead on, I got #26 Amber. I love the color match and the first two hours but thats it. Boo hiss!

There are a wide variety of shades available (over 20!) and at $23 this foundation isn’t too darn expensive for 1 oz. I just wish it worked better keeping me looking “normal” for longer. I hate touching up and I want something that I don’t have to mirror check all the time. Some foundations that really work better for me are MUFE Mat Velvet+, Mac Pro Longwear,  and Nars Sheer Matte. With those I can go for the better part of the day without touching up.

I would have to say that this foundation was a miss so if you have combo or oily skin get a sample of this first before purchasing.

Rated D

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  1. says

    Such a shame that this was such a miss for oily skins. I do like clinique products, but I have a feeling my combination skin will not work well with this foundation. Thanks for the review. x

  2. Sunshine says

    Have you ever tried using milk of magnesia (unflavoured) on your face for oil control? I have been using it for months and it really works. I live in a tropical climate (Wet & Dry Seasons)and I also have combination skin. My routine, moisturiser, milk of magnesia, foundation.

    • charlotte says

      A huge second for MOM… normally I can literally wipe a sheet of grease off my forehead and nose after a couple of hours- very nasty, and certainly not attractive. It was so bad my bangs would be sticking together. With MOM and Black Radiance Complexion Perfection primer (about $6 at Walmart) I am grease free all day, and I live in S. Louisiana where is is extremely hot and humid most of the year. I find I do not even need powder anymore!! I even wear it on days I do not wear makeup, just to keep the oil under control. I just wish I had found these two products years ago.

      I have read a lot of comments on blogs etc. against MOM, but no one seems to have any definitive reasons why, just a lot of hear-say and speculation. I can tell you I have worn it everyday for over a year and it has had zero negative effects on my skin. In fact the reduction of oil has improved my blackheads and acne by leaps and bounds.

  3. Victoria says

    Thanks goodness. I was about the try this foundation but waited for your review. I am oily combo skin too and living n florida, i gotta get something that keeps the oils at bay. I am enjoying the estee lauder invisible foundation a whole lot, thanks to your reccommendation. Its working great and its becoming my HG foundation.

  4. KACHI says

    I agree with Victoria, your recommendation of the Estee Lauder invisible make up was deadon. I have come to rely on your reviews and chopping blocks, particularly since we are the same shade. I also on you recommendation got the Mally everporeless primer and also her face defender.Keep doing what you do, cause you sure know your onions.

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