Cover FX, Natural FX Water Based Foundation B45









I picked this up a few months ago based on a very nice Sephora employees recommendation in Chicago. She even brought me over to an employee who was wearing this exact shade B45-Burnished Mahogany so I could see how it would look after a few hours. Needless to say I was impressed. I knew I loved the way this foundation looked on me after she applied it but to see it looking nice on someone with an oily t-zone like me a few hours later well…I was ready to purchase. This retails for an expensive $40 for 1 oz. Not cheap by any means.

This foundation has an interesting consistency. It’s a little to thin for my tastes. I just like my foundation a little more creamy but that’s just me. You really do have to shake it up like it says on the back of the container if its been sitting for a while because of the texture of this. I found that it was best to apply with my fingers or a foundation brush. And the other thing is drying time. It takes a while to do that. The only other foundation that I have used that dries rather slowly like this is Mac Face & Body Foundation. This reminds me a lot of Mac Face & Body Foundation.









applied to right side of hand/then 1 minute later

I’d say this is buildable at least to medium coverage. Even after a minute this foundation is still a little wet. I didn’t find it to be a problem because I really think this foundation looks so natural on and I will work with anything that looks so much like your natural skin but better! This foundation is fragrance free and oil free too. If you’re not into a satin like finish like me I found that using my favorite powder sets this foundation perfectly. I’m in love with Tarte Smooth Operator Powder, if you’d like to see the review for it click here.

B45 Foundation topped w/Tarte Smooth Operator Powder

If you’re looking for a new foundation try this out. I think this would be great for anyone that wants a more natural satin type finish. I think its strange that this is promoted as a hydrating product and oily me likes it! My skin gets dry the cooler it gets so this is a great Fall foundation for me. My cheeks and chin turn into a desert wasteland.

This is very versatile and worth a look. Your skin will look naturally beautiful with this on. There are several great shades available from the lightest of skins to the deepest. Check it out at Sephora and take a sample home to make sure its right for you.

Rated B+

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