Did You Miss Mac’s Heroine Lipstick-Your Gonna Get Another Chance at It!

Mac Heroine (matte finish) Lipstick

One of my favorite things from the Reel Sexy Collection last year was Heroine lipstick. It’s an amazing matte purple shade that I am a little crazy about. It’s the smoothest formula ever and my tube is so beat up that I can’t even show it to you. I dented the tip and dropped it so it’s well worn. So here is the exciting news….it’s coming back and in a BIG way!

Remember last years Fashion Sets Collection? I loved that some of my favorite lipstick shades were getting the royal treatment with matching lip glosses and nail shades. Well they are going even bigger with the Fashion Sets collection this time around. On April 8th Heroine among a few other colors is getting a matching gloss, liner, eyeshadow, and nail polish!

I also noted that Embrace Me is also part of this collection. I think it’s always been a lip liner I wanted but never purchased. But with this collection I can buy the lipstick and gloss etc! Do you remember that beautiful bright fuchsia? It’s gorgeous, check Temptalia’s post on it here. I am beyond excited. Can you tell? Ha!

I got the product list from Mac Guy on Specktra. If you haven’t visited Specktra you should!

Fashion Sets April 8

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright violet purple (Matte)

Ablaze – Bright apricot (Matte)

Silly – Bright pink (Matte)

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia (Matte)

Lipglass 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright purple

Ablaze – Bright apricot

Silly – Bright pink

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia

Lip Pencil 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright purple

Ablaze – Bright apricot

Silly – Bright pink

Embrace Me – Vivid pinkish purple

Eye Shadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright cobalt blue (Matte)

Ablaze – Midtone coral (Matte)

Silly – Bright pink (Frost)

Embrace Me – Blue pink (satin)

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18. CAD

Heroine – Bright violet (Cream)

Ablaze – Bright orange (Cream)

Silly – Bright pink (Cream)

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia (Cream)

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  1. Melissa says

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about anything in my life as MAC getting Heroine back and in more options than just lipstick!!! I’ve already decided I’m buying every single thing I don’t care how much it is…

  2. jossie says

    ahh its already sold out :| I had it in my cart,after i went to check out it told me it was sold out…will it be coming back?

    • says

      Yes your going to have to stalk the site, check every morning and evening for it. They usually put up a “coming soon” sign when its almost ready to ship so thats a good sign.

  3. says

    Do you know if they will restock one more time. I am sick of seeing people over price this beautiful set!! I cant find Heroine lipstick anywhere. If you know where I can get it for a reasonable price would you contact me please!!

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