Dior Marilyn Diorific Lipstick #40

This lipstick is GOOD.








Marilyn #40 Lipstick ($36/.12 oz.)

I don’t buy many Dior lipsticks but this is one I had my eye on when I saw their holiday release info. It’s called Marilyn, the color is a dark pink-red shade and I love those! How cute is the packaging? Too cute. This is being advertised as a long-wearing shade and I can co-sign on that and also tell you that its really comfortable to wear as well. And it doesn’t look half bad either in my humble opinion!









I can go hours and hours without touch ups with this shade. If I don’t drink or eat anything oily I get a good five or six hours. The texture of the lipstick is nice and creamy. The pigmentation is good as well. I don’t have to pile on or layer the lipstick to get a nice payoff. There are four different red Diorific shades for the holidays. I really wanted to get one. They aren’t cheap! I am so glad I picked this up. And I’m even happier that besides the cute packaging the product inside is good as well.

Check Nordstrom or Neimans for this. I got mine from Kathy Shoreman at Neiman’s (703-761-1600 ext.3282) along with some other holiday picks from Le Metier de Beaute and Chanel. Call her if you need help or tweet her @RYouBeingServed. She’s the only SA for me because I can DM her my order on Twitter. How cool is that?

Besides Marilyn I got Ceremony Red Addict lip gloss and one of the limited edition holiday nail polishes called Diva that is in similar packaging to this lipstick. Here’s a quick look at them! I haven’t tried them out yet but I’ll let you know more about them when I do!








Dior Diva Nail Polish, $26 and Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Ceremony Red, $28

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      • Patrizia says

        Ah! I am so jealous of people near CCOs but in NY I went to Woodbury(sp?) Commons but they didn’t have much imo?
        I think I will go to the stores when each launches and check them out and pick something up if I really love it.
        I hope to see some videos and posts if you haul MAC holiday items :D

        • says

          I love Woodbury Commons I have to go back there. They had Jo Malone perfume, Tom Ford lipsticks, and I got Tom Ford Black Orchid from that CCO! I have never seen all that in a CCO before and I’ve been to several in different states. The Mac stuff was lacking. I think Mac holiday is such a huge collection that looking is good and seeing if there are any must haves is a good idea. I got my shipping information a little earlier today so I should get it here this week. I’ll show and swatch it after it comes. Thanks!

          • Patrizia says

            Oh that’s probably why, I did see those brands’ perfumes but the MAC section (which I had stopped for) wasn’t impressive at the time. Yay can’t wait!

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