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I wasn’t sure about D&G’s Mocha Blush when I first opened it up but I found out quickly that this blush is amazing. It reminds me of one of my favorites Mac’s Raizin. I thought Raizin didn’t look like much in the pan but on the cheeks it looks fantastic.

I am really happy with the texture on D&G blushes. I showed you the beautiful pink Provocative D&G blush I got recently and they are both finely milled powders that lay color beautifully on the cheeks. I can’t get over how natural Mocha looks. It’s a great complement to deeper skin tones and is one of those colors you can’t mess up with. I think it looks so natural I could use it every day. It has no shimmer to it so it’s a flat shade but the warmth the color brings to my skin…I love it.

At $44 a blush I am so glad I can use the heck out of both Mocha and Provocative. I’m not getting any more blushes from Dolce & Gabbana any time soon, I think I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. I’d hate to get one of these blushes and not like it. There are a lot of pretty colors available though, check your local Saks for them in person and there are also some pictures on the Saks website. They have recently updated the pictures (yay!) for many of the D&G products on and they look much more like the actual product now which is great if you want to do your shopping online.

If you want to get some D&G products and there isn’t a store near you send me an email and I’ll give you the name of the best brand rep that I’ve ever come across. She helps me with all of my purchases from Dolce & Gabbana and she has the best eye for matching people with the right products for their skin tone by phone. I have been ordering from her every month because I like the products so much. She told me this would be a great fit for me and it definitely is!

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