Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation Swatches

My beauty buddy (Maria this means YOU!) asked me to swatch the deeper foundation colors for D&G’s new foundation recently. Since many of you don’t have a D&G counter near you like me I decided to post this just in case it will help someone else. This foundation is a whopping $66 a pop so you want to get the right color. I will do a review on this in the future at some point.

There are four shades that I have to show you. Here are the numbers/colors pictured in order below.

#150 Almond, #160 Soft Tan, # 170 Golden Honey, and #180 Soft Sable









I love the texture of this foundation, there are 15 shades in all. Check this out if you have a counter near you!

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    • says

      i’m trying out the last two. i’m trying to wait till my skin gets normal again, i went on vacation to vegas w/100 degree heat so my skin is deeper than usual.

  1. Asia says

    OMG….there is a counter in the DC Metro area??? Where???? I NEED to go NOW….I’ve was waiting to buy the cream foundatin until I went to either NY or ATL again so I could test them out in person….now I won’t have to…u just made my FRIDAY…AWESOME:)!

    • says

      No I’m sorry there isn’t a counter in our area…I wish there was. I’d be camped out there! I can’t believe the Saks in Tyson’s doesn’t have it.

  2. Asia says

    I know, either that one or the one in Chevy Chase….for GOD SAKS D&G, get it together…..o well a girl can dream…i might call the ATl store and have them send me samples as well….

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