E.L.F. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths




20 count, $3





I really like these makeup wipes, but I have one major problem with them. There are only 20 in the package!

Let me tell you I have used a lot of different brands of makeup removers. I like quite a few brands but the ones I use really consistently are Dove’s All Day Clean wipes. I love them best because my face doesn’t feel tight and dry after using them. I wash my face after but some brands suck the life out of your skin along with the makeup and I just hate that tight sticky feeling after using some other brands makeup wipes. I can’t imagine how bad this would be if I had dry skin! They also are a favorite of mine because they don’t taste gross. I use a wipe to take off my lipstick so I don’t want to taste anything gross in case I happen to lick my lips later.

These E.L.F. wipes are great. They are larger than my Dove wipes so I can do my whole face with just one! Very nice. But I really would like more in a package. I feel like I go through makeup wipes like water so I’d really like more in there. They don’t leave my face dry or tight. In fact my face seems moisturized. They have some aloe vera in them and they work well on waterproof mascara. No gross taste, no smell either. It’s a really good alternative to my Dove wipes. I was very pleased with these overall and the price for a pack of 20 is $3. I love it!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!


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  1. says

    I’ve used these and they work well. I just don’t like how they make my eyes feel. Although I keep my eyes closed when removing eye makeup, the product stings.

    • says

      Oh no. I’ve taken off my eye makeup with them but I didn’t get any in my eyes. It stings? That’s awful!! I wear contacts so I’ve already got to be careful with what I put around my eyes. I am going to be careful using these. Thanks for letting us know!

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