Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat


I’ve been using this base coat for a while now and I must say I love it! I think it’s rather hard to judge a base coat since they are so under the radar in a lot of ways. But the things that I do notice when it comes to this base coat are really easy to see. It protects my nails against staining which is huge. I used a teal polish from a newer brand that I have never tried before and I was really nervous that my nails would be stained. Usually blues and greens stain my nails. It wasn’t an issue at all with Grow Stronger. I know this for a fact because I didn’t use this base coat on my toes and they got seriously stained.

I also do think that it makes my nails stronger. I take my vitamins and really try to keep my nails healthy but they have really seemed so much better since using this base coat. I don’t usually have growth problems but I paint my nails often sometimes and keeping them strong and not weak and thin is always a concern. Nail polish remover even if I’m using a brand that is gentle does weaken my nails. Grow Stronger does a great job of building them back up!

I also appreciate how quickly this base coat dries. That’s key. I often times want to start polishing my nails right after applying a base coat and that isn’t a problem. I usually wait less than five minutes (more like two!) and then I go for it. I need a fast drying base coat and this just works.


Essie’s Grow Stronger Base Coat is formulated with Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba and minerals, and helps protect nails against breakage by solidifying and protecting thin nails. For thin, splitting nails use with Millionails Treatment for best results.

Whether your nails are normal, weak, slow to grow, or aging, this Essie Nail Care collection is the complete approach to perfect nails.

At about $8.50 you can find a less expensive base coat out there but this one is a new favorite of mine that I would repurchase without even thinking about it.

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  1. Rachel says

    Thanks for your review. I recently picked this up at Marshall’s last week for $4.99; what a deal! My nails have always been thin and easily break. I already take vitamins, but just used this as my base coat and my nails did not break or peel this week. This is a great find. I’m going to keep using this to see how much stronger my nails can get.
    Thanks again Crystal!

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