Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation

I’m really in love with this foundation. I got a sample a few weeks ago and loved it. I went back and got a full size bottle after using the sample for three days. I was a little wary of the claims on this formulation because the information on it explains that it controls oil. I was thinking “yeah right” but I’m here to tell you I think it does…

I have combination skin which in my case means a dry chin and cheeks with an oily t-zone. I usually need to touch up an oil breakthrough around the 4 hour mark with most liquid foundations. I can go a good 6-7 hours without touching this foundation up. It’s a thin kind of watery formula and if you don’t mind shaking it up like a can of spray paint you might want to try it. I’m serious. You have to shake the living daylights out of it. One of the SA’s at Nordstrom told me that you have to shake it until you don’t hear the beads inside anymore. Because that means its mixed but truth be told I give it a good shake back and forth ten times and it’s all set.

I’m using shade 6WN1. There are warm and cool shades available and a wide range which is good. I would say this is a buildable but by no means a full coverage foundation. One of the things that I like is that it looks so natural, it looks like your skin but better not a mask. I hate a mask like foundation. I want to look better and somewhat flawless not like I’m wearing another persons face. At $35 for 1 oz. it is pricey. I recommend getting a sample like I did and trying this out first. I got a sample of  two shades and took them home to test out. They were generous sized samples so once I figured out the right shade I wore it for a few days. After the first day I was sold. It didn’t need to touch it up for a long time and it didn’t change color, move, or fade on me.

Get a sample of this and see if it works for you!

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  1. says

    I got a sample last week and I loved it!! you can’t even feel it in your skin :D Probably one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried.

  2. charlotte says

    If you haven’t tried Black Radiance complexion perfection primer… you should. It is amazing for oil control, cheap, and the best part is you can put it where you want it if you have combination skin. I found mine at Walmart.. but I’ve seen it at Walgreens too. I wear it everyday, even if I’m not wearing foundation. Between that and milk of magnesia, I can go all day without blotting… and I have really oily skin. Before I could literally wipe grease off my forehead after only a couple of hours… and I live in S. Louisiana so it is super hot and humid here.

  3. Mary Annibali says

    thank you for this wonderful site and for your reviews, they are really helpful.Looking on Youtube I have seen you have used the YSL Teint Touche Eclat and the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundations, they are some good choices I am looking to know better(before the purchase).

    I am looking for a foundation with light to medium coverage with a natural finish(not the usual …mask of powder :( ) for a morning-office make up, everyone says good things about these foundations separately…but which one is the best for a 40 years old skin ?

    For my work I have to talk with people and give a quiet and, at the same time,self confident and positive image and so I basically need a natural make up with a little bit of …’life’and healthy air without turning like a metallic and glittering creature coming from the outer and deeper space :D or covered by a layer of dry dust coming from my grandma’s attic :D

    So,which one could be THE right foundation one for me? :)

    Is the YSL foundation very illuminating? or is the Estee Lauder foundation very mat?

    Please, can you tell me the differences between these foundations?Which kind of different finish,result do they give?

    Thank you for your kindness and good advices and best regards from Italy :D

    • says

      The YSL looks glowy and more like you have healthy dewy skin. The Estee Lauder looks more natural and it’s not super matte. You didn’t mention what type of skin you have because thats a factor. I have combination skin with an oilier t-zone and dry chin/cheeks. I can wear the Estee Lauder any time of year. It really works well with my skin even when its oilier. The YSL I can only wear in the Fall/Winter really because its not great with the oilier parts of my skin and I need to touch up my t-zone every four hrs.

      But based on the fact you kept saying you want a natural look-I think if your goal is natural the Estee Lauder is the best fit.

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