Favorite Black Eyeliners

I live for black eyeliner. It’s been a serious makeup staple for years. I’m really picky about what types of liner I prefer but I also jump ship quicker than anything to a new brand. I move on quickly to the next best thing and as you know with makeup there is always something new. Here are some favorites that I love currently. I reach for these four black shades out of quite a few others. Some are new to me and others are older tried and true favorites. Let me know what your favorites are, I’d love to know!




Mac Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil








Nars Via Veneto Larger Than Life Eyeliner








Smashbox Onyx Limitless Eye Liner








Mac Black Line Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner





What makes a black liner good to me is the intensity of the black color. I hate a whimpy black liner. You know the kind that looks blue-ish, green-ish, or gray/off black. Nothing makes me madder! I want the blackest black that there is…SUPER BLACK! So that’s why I’ve retired a few black liners (Urban Decay 24/7 Zero eyeliner this means you) that I’ve used in the past. It’s just a personal preference. But if you are interested here are some pictures showing that these four are pretty deep black liners. Mac Black Line gets a pass because its infused w/gold but here they all are swatched on my hand.

Mac Feline wins the blackest liner award!

Mac Feline, Nars Via Veneto, Smashbox Onyx, Mac Black Line

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  1. Loretta says

    I use MAC feline too but I feel that it runs on me by the eight hour. Does that happen to you? I prefer liquid liners for longer wear. Mabelline has a good one.

    • says

      On my lower lash line sometimes. Out of all of them the new Nars liner is the only one that doesn’t fade at all in the water line. I like Maybelline Line Stiletto.

  2. T.R. says

    I usually only use eyeliners at night/special occasions. They aren’t my “thing” but my favorite is Eve Pearls liquid liner. That for me is the best hands down. As for the pencils, it doesn’t matter to me so as long as they go on smoothly and pretty much stay put they’re all pretty much equal to me. :O)

    BTW Crystal, word on the street was that theBalm holiday palette (the Balm and the Beautiful) which has the same colors as the Muppet Palette just different motif (soap operas), has been seen at TJ Maxx. I can verify that because I got one last night for $19.99. Just in case you want to “preserve” your Muppet Palette. :O)

    I also got the Shady Lady Vol 3 for $3 today at Marshall’s because one of the shadows was cracked. Apparently TJ Maxx and Marshall’s got a run on a supply of theBalm cosmetics this month. I’ve seen several items and they are all 50% off. I even saw the Meet Matt(e) palette. So if you’re interested in trying some of their other products might be an opportunity. :O) Just an FYI

    • says

      I love Eve Pearl, they are sending me an eyeshadow palette and blush and I can’t wait. I need to try the liner next. OH MY GOD it’s at TJ Maxx? HOLY MAKEUP MADNESS! I’m gonna have to take a trip to TJ Maxx, I was going to skip the Meet Matte palette and I never got any of the Shady Lady palettes. We were talking about that the other day! Thanks for letting me know, you are the BEST!

    • says

      Guess who just got back from TJ Maxx? LOL, I got the last the Balm and the Beautiful palette and a Meet Matt(e) one too! Yay! Thanks so much for the heads up. I might even check out Marshall’s tomorrow:)

      • T.R. says

        YEEEEAAAAAH!!! I was hoping you’d get them in time. LOL I had a feeling you’re like me. I scoured all last night for that BATB palette and found them at 9:05 after going to 4 TJM. 4th times a charm. Luckily they had about 5-6 when I got there. They also had one Meet Matte left, I did pick it up. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. And today I scoured Marshall’s to see if I could find the SL 3. Just so happen to see the last one while in line at the check out.

        It was a blessing one of the shadows broke (the others were pristine) and it didn’t have the outer cover with the price so the nice girl found some kiddie makeup in the same place that had been marked down clearance for $3 and gave me that price.

        Needless to say I fixed the broken shadow tonight. It’s not pristine (I’m still working on fixing/pressing powders) but hey for $3 I am not complaining. :O)

        • says

          Thanks so much for telling me! I was so excited and I love a deal:) I am going to swing by Marshalls today and see if they have anything good there! I can’t thank you enough. Have a great week!

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