Favorite Mac Products!

I get asked often what my favorite Mac Cosmetics products are. I like a lot of their stuff and use quite a bit of it but there are a few things that I have purchased over and over again. Here is a list of a few things and why they are favorites.











Mac Lip Conditioner (Tube) $15/.5 oz- I love this stuff. I have three tubes open at all times. One in my car, one on my makeup counter, and another on the nightstand. Nothing else works as well for my lips and since I use this so much my lips are never chapped and ready for blog post pics. In fact thats when my obsession with it really started. After I started blogging. Chapped lips equal bad lip gloss and lipstick posts! It’s so expensive though. I tried to replace it with a Nivea product but that didn’t work out.











Mac Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil $30/5 oz.’s- I have been using cleansing oil to remove my makeup for several months now. I refused to even try it before because I was sure with my oily t-zone using an “oil” would cause massive breakouts. Not the case. In fact removing makeup with an oil is way gentler on my skin and I can stop getting industrial sized makeup remover wipes at the warehouse store nearby. The makeup just melts off with this oil. It’s changed my cleansing routine forever. I have a full review here.











Mac Paint Pots $18.50/.17 oz’s- I’m kind of obsessed with these. I don’t have a ton of colors but the ones I have I’m CRAZY about. The one I use most is Constructivist. It goes with my Urban Decay Naked palette like peas and carrots. Ha. Sorry Forest Gump anyone? Anyway I use Paint Pots as creamy eye bases before I apply powder shadow, alone, and a few of them together without any powder shadow. I use Blackground a lot also. It’s great for smoky eye looks!











Mac Raizin Blush $20/.21 oz’s- This is my favorite blush ever. It’s matte and it just works on my face like nothing else! It’s a reddish brown sorta shade. I think the key is that it’s matte. I love how it brings out my cheeks and I have a nice dent in it from lots of use. I will never be without this blush.











Mac Matchmaster (shade 7.5) Foundation $33/1.18oz’s- This is my skin in a bottle. This is the best color match for me out of all the foundations that I have ever tried. The first time I put it on I was so excited. I kept putting it on and I couldn’t see it on my skin. It just blended in seamlessly. It doesn’t break me out and my oily t-zone doesn’t have a fit after a few hours and turn into a greasy mess. Full review here. I also love the Pro Longwear Foundation in NC50. I’ve purchased two of those and that’s a very close second. The color match isn’t as perfect as the Matchmaster 7.5 though.

What are you favorites? Anything I should try from Mac? Lemme know….

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  1. Stace says

    I want to try that lip conditioner. Carmex is overrated. I use grapeseed oil to remove my makeup. I got so tired of those wipes drying on me. Raizin looks pretty. I would if it would make me look clowinsh (NC42 here). My paints pots are my first loves of MAC. I can’t get enough of Painterly. Great Post!

  2. says

    Have you ever tried Mac paint pot? They are amazing… And Mac brushes! I like hakuhodo too, but Mac brushes are good for the price. Can u use the oil to Remove eye makeup?

    • says

      Yes I love Paint Pots I listed them as one of my Mac Favorites in this post! I only have a few Mac brushes but the ones I have I like a lot. The cleansing oil does remove eye makeup well. You smooth it over your eyes and all the eye makeup melts off.

  3. says

    Yaaaaasss! Pea and carrots!! That is like in my Top 5 for favorite movies. I don’t have a lot of MAC items. Well I don’t think it’s a lot compared to some. Raizin in on the list to get and maybe a paint pot since I don’t have any. And I’m tempted to try the Matchmaster and Prolong Wear foundation. Maybe I’ll work up the nerve to go back and get matched in a shade *cringes*

  4. Lenchen says

    Great MAC favourites!
    I love MAC paint pots,lipsticks,Mascara Zoom Lash,eye shadows, lip conditioner, and their Brushes. Speaking of Brushes, Crystal I’d love to see a post of your Brush collection.

    • says

      I did a YouTube video on my favorite brushes a while ago. I have a crazy group of brushes that are from everywhere its funny. I’m not one of those people that swear by any brand. Some of my favorites came from kits!

  5. Alexcia Redd says

    Raizin blush is on my list for fall/winter blushes (I am on a no buy this month oops not true I did by the superb highlighter from the Glamour Daze collection) I will try the lip conditioner because I have dry lips too! Right now I use aquaphor for babies and I love it! I am afraid the match master will break me out but I will try it after I finish trying the EL double wear.

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Alexcia, I have oily skin and Matchmaster is about the only MAC foundation that hasn’t broken me out. I’m 7.5 in winter more like 8.0 in the summer. Hope this helps.

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