Haul-CVS Beauty Clearance Sale

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  1. Veronica says

    OMG Crystal.. this is all of your fault that I have spent $50 and been obsessed in the drugstore.. I saw your video and headed right on out.. The first CVS was a mess and kind of blew the wind out of my sales. But today I found one by work and its like NOBODY knew.. I was able to throw things in my cart and scan away as my heart desired!

    That photoready concealer for 2.25 is the best deal.. well I like all of it.. but the Revlon being 75% off made me think I was spending too much when it was just 50% off. I got so many Rimmel mascaras.. and its weird bc they didn’t show up on sale last night at the other CVS. Anyway.. thanks for the heads up!!!

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