It Cosmetics Pretty in Amber Eye Trio w/Shadow Brush

It Cosmetics is all over QVC today.

They are doing an unbelievably good Today’s Special Value and they have some other great products so check it out! One of my favorite things from them is an eye trio called Pretty in Amber. In the presentation for the trio they show women with green/blue/hazel eyes and the colors in Pretty in Amber really bring their eyes out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eyeshadow draw out and enhance a specific eye color more. But for my brown eyes this is pretty dazzling too.

Please excuse the slight smudges in the shadow shades. I swatched them in a YouTube video before I took pics!







Pretty in Amber








Here are some details from on this set:

What is it: An antiaging powerhouse combo! Luxe High-Performance Antiaging Eye Shadow Trio is all about intense pigment, in a naturally pretty look. It’s packed with skin-loving ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen; acai; green tea; and vitamins A, C, and E; and is free of ingredients that make eyes appear older–like talc. The dual No-Tug Heavenly Luxe Eye Shadow Brush gives you airbrushed eye shadow application without tugging on your delicate eyelids.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants antiaging benefits, and wants to instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on the eyes and lids. Anyone who wants a naturally pretty look using skin-loving ingredients. Anyone who wants airbrushed eye shadow application without tugging on the delicate eyelid area.

Why is it different: By using antiaging, hydrating ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen; acai; green tea; and vitamins A, C, and E, this eye shadow and brush combo helps treat skin with antiaging benefits for more youthful radiance. It provides instant coverage for imperfections, and beautiful naturally pretty colors. The ultra-luxe brush glides pigment onto your lids easily for an application that lasts.

How do I use it: Using the dual No-Tug Heavenly Luxe Eye Shadow Brush, apply Luxe High-Performance Antiaging Eye Shadows for a beautiful, naturally pretty look! Use the large fluffy brush for allover lid and crease application. Use the smudger no-tug side for naturally lining below the lower lash line.

The brush that comes with the trio is excellent by the way. It’s soooo soft. In my opinion the addition of the two sided brush justifies the $29 price tag. I have been known to pay $30 for one perfect eyeshadow so in my eyes this is a DEAL.

I have my eye on the Pretty in Plum trio next…..

Check out It Cosmetics on QVC and get that TSV if you can. For $60 (today’s price) you get a lot! It’s item number A226577 and you can get it on Easy Pay so you can split the payments in half. I won’t even tell you how much I love Easy Pay:)

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  1. care (@CareJustCares) says

    I just ordered the Pretty in Plum trio (I’m in Canada so it’s through The Shopping Channel here) … after reading this excellent review, and TSC not currently having the Amber trio … opted for the Pretty in Plum and will wait for the Amber to be stocked:) I recently rec’d the face kit a month ago, have only used the undereye concealer to date but wow .. am I ever impressed ..I’m 52, and I wore it for about 12 hours .. no creasing, no caking ..nada! It is a great product:) I imagine I shall be saying the same about IT’s e/s trios! Great review .. thank you! ox

    • says

      I love the texture of the shadows. I’ve seen in the past that it’s hard for the shopping channels to keep Pretty in Amber in stock. It’s such a striking combo of colors. I’m glad you got Pretty in Plum. I’m a sucker for purple anything.

  2. Queentutt says

    I have been on the QVC waitlist for this for a month now! They don’t sell it separately, but I want it with the brush anyway. I agree that this Pretty In Amber is AWESOME! I have looked through my vast collection of eyeshadow and can’t find any dupes for the coppery shade. I will wait as long as it takes. If I have to break down and get the trio and the brush separately on the IT COSMETICS website, I will…but hope it doesn’t come to that. :(

      • Queentutt says

        It’s back in stock today!!! I just happened to check out QVCs website on my lunch hour today and surely enough they have all the trios in stock right now. I almost broke down and bought the trio on its own on the IT COSMETIC website and I’m glad I didn’t. You get the trio with the brush for $29.00 on QVC and you can’t beat that anywhere. CANNOT wait to get it! Thanks for your review and I hope you are loving that eyeshadow :)

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