It Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-pc Collection (QVC July 13th TSV!!)

It Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-pc Collection, $59.96 at

(item number A237474 or on July 13th A235134)

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I’m a big fan of QVC and when someone gives me a chance to peek at the beauty TSV I’m more than happy to take a look. It Cosmetics is in the spotlight on July 13th with a kit that is going to make you look and feel beautiful. Trust me, this collection handled enough of my ummmm issues to make it worth it. Whoever came up with this line up was really thinking like a beauty (genius) lover. There’s a good mix of things I already know that I love, things that I’ve always wanted to try, and then BAM they threw in something exciting and brand new! I like this kit even better than their last Today’s Special Value on the Q.

You just have to pick your concealer shade. The options are Light, Medium, Tan, or Dark.

Let’s take a look at the line up of products to make us beautiful! I liked everything I tried but I’ll admit one thing I’ll need to watch them demo on TV. They’ll be on quite a few times on the 13th so I’ll have a chance to get my learn on! And even if you don’t catch a presentation remember that on you can look up a product and more often than not see a video presentation on it. I go back all the time and get a refresher on what I’m supposed to do with a product. It happens. I forget and am like why did I like that again when the box comes…..

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Bye Bye Under Eye- This is a super size version of a fantastic concealer. This came right on time since I was almost out of my regular size (I wear the Deep shade) concealer. It never creases on me and looks very natural. I always end up blending it in with my fingers and I have even forgotten to set it and it looks fine all day. There’s a lot to be said for goof proof concealer. Amen! Another bonus is that a lot of people use this all over their face. I suspect that’s why they are offering a super size. It’s seriously full coverage I’d say so not something I’d do but I’ll take a big concealer happily. I wish more brands did this.









Hello Light Anti-Aging Creme Luminizer- Now this is the product that I need to see in action. It’s a luminizer that erases shadows and darkness that can give some lift and light to your face in all the right spots. I would love to use this in a few “shady” places on my mug so I’ll be watching the artists in action on QVC so I can use this effectively. I want cheek bones that can cut butter baby…spoken like a chubby cheeked very dimpled girl that wants to look like a diva. Help me Hello Light…I’m counting on you.









YBBB Your Brows But Better Brow Skinny Pencil- I’ve been wanting to try this brow pencil for a while. It’s universal and that perplexes me. It adjusts based on the amount of pressure you use. I’ve seen it presented before since it’s been around for a while but it’s one of those things that looks like a magic trick. Well let me tell you…IT WORKS. I love the texture it really is lightweight yet natural. It blends into my brows beautifully and isn’t the waxy type pencil that I’m used to. I noticed that it works well and if you use short quick strokes the little hairs your drawing look like they grew out of you brows! Nice. This is going to be the first thing I use up!









Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain- This is brand new and exciting. I love the Je Ne Sais Quoi balm and cheek flush that I have from It Cosmetics and now there is a gloss! Just like the original lippie the color you see in the tube isn’t anything like the end result. What you get is a beautiful naturally pretty flush of color. Nice…now I’m going to need other colors. There isn’t a crazy overpowering smell or taste just glossy goodness. Me and a good gloss are a deadly combo! More colors please!

Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Foundation/Concealer Brush & Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Complexion Brush- I’m wondering if your thinking what I was thinking when I saw this dual ended brush. I was thinking well…there is a concealer in here but why is there a foundation brush? I forgot that Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer besides being a great concealer is something a lot of people use as their foundation! Yeah…this supersize is gonna come in handy for quite a few people. The Complexion Brush (bottom brush in the picture above) is for use with the Hello Light Creme Luminizer. I know I’m going to see if this works with the concealer also. With a precise tip like that I’m going to have to check that out and try it under my eyes. I love It Cosmetics brushes they are so freakin soft. I love them.

Overall this is a set of things that is going to make a lot of people happy. A super size concealer and the brushes are worth way more than the price to get this set. I need to work with Hello Light a little more and see it in action but other than that this is all usable makeup from the day you open up the box. I often feel like I need to set time aside to work with products but this is a good mix of things you know how to use and a heck of a lot better looking end result is going to be yours!

Check this deal out tomorrow on QVC, here are the presentation times:

It Cosmetics
Sat 7/13/2013
12 AM – 1 AM ET
3 PM – 4 PM ET
7 PM – 8 PM ET
10 PM – 11 PM ET

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  1. says

    I told myself that I don’t need this. But of course I can talk myself it just about any doggone thing when it comes to the pretty. *head palm*

  2. T.R. says

    Dangit Crystal I had just convinced myself not to get this and that it’ll come back around later. But now…..ok going to put it back in the cart…

  3. Tammy/Courbry says

    Ohhhhh, I have wanted to try this concealer for a long time. What a great buy this kit is. I want ths!!!!!!!! XO

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