It’s A Free Country I Know, But Fair is Fair….

I very rarely like to get caught up in what’s going on in other peoples sites. I feel like there is room for everyone and being creative is something to be celebrated and not cut off in any way. But there is something that has been bothering me and I decided to reach out and ask for the creator of a giveaway blog to stop posting my blog giveaways.

When I started this blog I wanted to keep things fair and not be all about the numbers. If I had 100 readers or 10 everyone would be equal and have the same consideration. Some people want a million readers and yes that would be nice, but for me its about people finding posts on their own and participating/reading/watching videos because they want to. So when I do a giveaway everyone in this small community has a fair shot at winning. I just don’t think its fair to get a large number of entries from people that have never been here before and possibly take it away from someone that does come here regularly and enters on good faith every time there is a giveaway.

I’ve seen such amazing kindness from many of you. I’ve had people win twice fairly (talk about lucky!) and decline the prize because they’ve won before and they know that winning the prize would make someone else’s day. I’ve had someone win that saw another long time readers entry about having four kids and wanting to win new makeup to feel like she has something pretty. Well this sweet and amazing winner asked me to give her prize to the mom of four instead. Such kindness takes my breath away.

I know that there are two sides to every opinion or story and I respect the person’s website and wish them continued success. But I don’t need a zillion people checking this site out. My blog is not for everyone but there is a small number of people that I’m just right for. They read and share their opinions and ask me if I know that someone in Taiwan copied my whole Fashion Star blog post and put it on their site….. Anyway those are the people that I’m speaking up for and always will.

And guess what?  There will be another Blog Sale soon:) I’ll keep you updated with the details on what day and time it’s happening!

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  1. Rhiannon says

    Here’s the thing; I discovered your site through one of those blogs. I’ve literally gone through pages of your posts over the past few days because I enjoy what you’ve posted. I bookmark blogs I like and check them regularly, at least every other day; most of which I discovered through those other types of blogs. By you posting this, it makes me feel as if you don’t want me as a reader because I didn’t stumble upon this place on my own. I can understand you want to make it fair for your long-time readers, that’s great, loyalty at its finest! But you can try to specialize your giveaway to them; just ask them to link to a previous comment or something. This post is a bit unwelcoming. I’m new, but I would participate in your blog just as much as your old readers.

    You’ve got a great blog and I respect your right to do whatever makes you happy and your loyalty to your readers. Just thought I’d let you know there’s a lot of amazing people in this community that maybe came for the giveaway but would stay for the fun.

    • says

      I know there are several people like you that entered yesterday and they may stay. People like it when its easy to enter, I don’t have people jump through hoops or specialize things and link to a previous comment because I personally see that as something busy people don’t really want to bother with. Thanks for your opinion and I just appreciate the ability to opt out of things that aren’t a fit for me.

    • Ali says

      My sentiments exactly. I find 90% of the blogs I follow through giveaways but that doesn’t mean that I’m only here for freebies. I understand your point of view though, there are plenty of people who enter giveaways and forget your blog completely…and I know that you wouldn’t want someone like that to win over your loyal followers. I love the blog that I found your link posted on, and I mean no disrespect to her, but I’m sure some of the followers of her blog are the type who enter every giveaway they see with no intention whatsoever of sticking around.

      • says

        Well said. It was hard for me to say anything about the whole thing because I get both sides of it. I think her blog is a fantastic idea and I have so much respect for anyone that creates anything as unique and helpful to people. Giveaways are so much fun for everyone. I don’t want to get into it with details but not all of the people that participate are interested in good clean fun.

  2. Tia says

    I really appreciate your view so often people just care about the superficial (I’m gonna be a makeup guru!) but with you I always feel like you are normal and just like one of my friends. And YAY BLOG SALE!

  3. Barbette says

    That is exactly why I did not enter the Pixi palette giveaway. I ordered the same one from Haute Look and thought it would be selfish to take it away from someone when I already own it. Plus…I never win anything and that’s ok too.

    I was a victim of identity theft last week and when someone reaches into your life, steal your HARD EARNED money you begin to look around more, change passwords and just lock everything down. I understand putting your hart and soul into something just for it to used for someones elses purpose.

    I support what you are doing 100 trillon percent and hope you continue with the same enthusiasm and zeal :-)

    • says

      Thank you Barbette and I am so sorry that someone took your identity. Thats awful! I know that feels horrible and I’m sending you a huge hug my sister from another mother:)

  4. Mike M says

    I typically don’t weigh in with my opinion on here because Crystal is a very dear friend of mine so my viewpoint tends to always favor and support anything she says, however speaking from experience on this topic I would like to say my piece. I’ve known Crystal for years and can honestly say nothing you see of her is fake, phony, or misrepresented. She is literally one of the sweetest, most caring and just plain fun person you can come in contact with. Her contests are the fairest and most random it could be on winning and I myself have tried to weasel my way into winning with no such luck. She just laughs at me and tells me I’m crazy and then picks a real winner (HOW RUDE I SAY??)… All joking aside though, Crystal is a very generous person and genuinely cares and is grateful for EACH one of you that follow her. At the end of the day this isn’t a popularity contest for her and she’d rather have all of her loyal visitors (even if it were only a few) that really read, respect and care for what she says have a chance at winning as opposed to winning the “numbers game” and having tons of people that are only out to get free stuff.

    Yours truly,

    The gay guy in the corner with an uneven complexion and pale lips cause his friend wont let him win any damn makeup! j/k she takes good care of me ;)

    • says

      Lol part of your experience is your own fault. My friends don’t enter because they know they will not win. Thanks for commenting I just want to say that you would not have been GAGA on halloween without my help…just sayin! See the hookup happens from my private non-giveaway stash when you need it:)

      • Mike M says

        Oh I totally agree you gave Mars and I the hookup for that… You know I don’t feel left out at all… I just love giving you a hard time <3… xoxoxoxo

  5. Wienna says

    This was worth reading, thank you for sharing your thoughts! :) And it is really nice to read about your readers being nice to each other, you can be proud of the poeple you’ve gathered! ;)

  6. JenJ says

    Here here! I’ve been turned off by a lot of giveaways recently. You have to go through all these hoops and all the way to Egypt and back to enter. I’m like really? I can go buy the product. When I won one of yours I was like bwwwaaahhh??! LOL! There’s a difference in people who are genuine doing the whole blogging and youtube thing. And those who are trying to get “on” by having alllllll the entries and allllll they subscribers. It it can get out of hand. #kanyeshrug

    • says

      You always make me laugh:) On Monday me and my husband were at this fun taco place in the neighborhood and they have a large prize wheel each customer can spin for a discount before you complete your order on Monday nights. I was like uhhh you want me to go over there and spin that wheel in front of everybody while all the employees cheer? My husband couldn’t get over there quick enough to spin it (ha!) but I was like…ummm can I just pay?
      Everybody is soooo different, its good to keep it simple.

  7. Asia C. says

    Wow, its sad that it had to be said, but it was very well said. I read your blog daily (or maybe even twice a day;)) and I must say, as a true fan of the blog I appreciate what you said. I personally only enter contest that for item of things I would use…. I personally would feel awful for winning something that will just sit in my house unused when someone else really wanted/needed it. I think ur doing a great job, keep it up;)!!

  8. T.R. says

    Wow I’m always just flabbergasted about these types of things. Me personally I’ve declined to enter some (many) of your contests because I already have the item (theBalm palette) and feel someone else should benefit. Heck I’ve even wanted to ask you to enter some things for me because I’ve got so much stuff…LOL. I think it’s nice of you to even keep this in your consideration.

    But in my opinions giveaways are a treat regardless of the reason behind them, and personally I’ve heard one too many storeis about people beleiving and behaving as if it’s a right. I’ve stumbled on a few websites and have seen their giveaways. I only enter if I like their blog, which has been few. Besides I can’t do most giveaway’s because they are Facebook or Twitter linked and I’ll be doggonit if I am forced to join those two for a bit of makeup. LOL Viva la independence. :O)

  9. Jordan says

    I never find it very fair when people do that, and I’m glad your other readers are so nice, I’ve held off on entering more of your giveaways since I won recently and I’m glad other people let everyone else win, it is the most fair thing to do.

    I love how you do giveaways because you really love your readers/viewers when some people use them to get more viewers and have a giveaway for like every 10 people who follow them, and then you get more entries for follwing them on everythign and spamming other people with the giveaway

    just doesn’t seem right, like people want lots of readers so they get a big following so they can get free stuff (that’s how it seems to me)

    I love how real you are and I”m glad for the most part your other readers are too, you are one of my fav bloggers/youtubers because you are so genuine and just a nice person :-)

  10. charlotte says

    You are not the only one who has problems with this issue, so many youtubers are stopping their giveaways because of it. People are just so greedy. What is supposed to be a special “thank you” to your loyal followers turns into a free-for-all. Even Target recently had to revamp their beauty bag sample program to only those with a special randomly generated code from a receipt because the info was hitting lists/groups that blast offers to thousands and they were gone in minutes, no one had a fair shot. One thing I have seen others do that seems to work is to not post giveaway posts, just include it at the end of a normal post, something generic like a haul or review… that way you know people are actually reading/watching and not just there for the giveaway. Not foolproof, because it only takes one person to post it on a list somewhere, but it seems to help. Another idea would be to just pick subscribers at random with no warning, or ask a question and choose from those who respond with no mention of the giveaway until after it is done. I have seen others put a bunch of requirements: you have to follow them on every social media known to man, like them on facebook, subscribe to their feeds… the problem with that is I do not use half of those services, plus I do not want my facebook, email, youtube and everything else flooded with the same info from the same person. I try to organize how I see the people I follow in the way that is most convenient for me, so that I can actually read/watch their posts. Anyhow, I understand your frustration and while I’m a recent subscriber to your blog I’ve followed you on Youtube for several months and really enjoy watching you. I have a pretty short list of people I subscribe to, personality is one of my biggest criteria… and you have that in spades.

    • says

      I have heard that from so many people today. Fellow bloggers/YouTube channel people saying that they don’t do giveaways as much anymore. It’s too bad.

  11. Lavendar says

    You are such a thoughtful and caring person! Thanks so much for looking out for those of us that truly enjoy your blog and videos!

  12. says

    I think that it’s so tacky of them to just throw your blog on there without reaching out to you first. It’s one thing if it’s a company who is TRYING to attract people and entice them to try their products, but it’s another thing entirely when it’s someone’s personal blog. I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to all of a sudden see all of these random people ONLY posting on your giveaway posts. I was fortunate enough to win one of your giveaways (MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder from the Surf Baby collection). I can’t tell you how much that truly made my day considering I had driven all over the Chicagoland area (and even went to Wisconsin) trying to find it. I think you said it best in the title of this post, fair is fair. It’s not fair for random people to come over here solely for the freebies.

    • says

      I’m so glad you got that blush! I really love it when people win stuff they really want:) It’s my own personal two cents that it’s not fair but I know that I can’t tell anyone else what to do. Your blush is gonna be right on trend for this summer!

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