June Empties Reviewed!

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  1. Aerika says

    You mentioned your obssession with black liner. I too share that obsession. Do you use pencils or only liquid. Because it’s the darkest I’ve found so far, Urban Decay’s Perversion has been my favorite. What would you recommend as suitable dupes that are just as black and long wearing? Would you do a favorite liner video? TIA

    • says

      I use black pencils for my waterline and liquid liner on my eyelid. UD’s Perversion is my favorite black eyeliner pencil and I have been using the new Perversion liquid liner and pot gel liner that I recently reviewed in a Chopping Block video so I’m really happy using those three. I have got Perversion everything ha!
      I use the L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner (I just talked about it in my June Favorites video-its so good!) and my favorite black liquid liners from the drugstore are Jessie’s Girl Waterproof Liquid liner (the silver pen) and the Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen liner. I did an Eyeliner That Stays Put in the Waterline video last year but I don’t think I’d do a video on favorite liners. I review them constantly and use them up and when you do a video on something like that you have to have the liners there and I don’t really want to buy them all again.

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