Last Call: The Balm and the Beautiful Giveaway!

Giveaway ends on the 9th of October at midnight.

You don’t want to miss your chance to get this palette FREE! Enter here to WIN!


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  1. mandy says

    Hey, my favourite would have to be Urban Decay their palettes & sets makes it possible for me to comfortably enjoy their brand, I like the colours and quality :). Never tried the balm though, and I would love too!

  2. Loida says

    Who won this? Personally, I think you should announce the winners before contacting on mail, because I’ve experienced mail got to spam folder which I forgot to check and I never got some. thank you, love

    • says

      The winner asked not to be named. I have made the choice to put my info-name etc out there but I like to let others choose if they want to be known. Some people do not want their info on a post as the winner-especially if they have a unique name. I always ask before posting anyones name. Even the first name. I’ve had people win and then get contacted by strangers through being my Facebook fan. Here is the email that I send out to each winner.
      Your my winner for my site’s giveaway! I’d love to send the prize from the NYX Lip Gloss giveaway to you. Please let me know the name and address to send your package to.
      Also let me know if it’s ok to use your First Name as my winner in a future post. If not that’s ok too, it’s up to you totally.

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