Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons-Bronze Trio

Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons Bronze Trio, $25 at Nordstrom









This is my second baked holiday trio from Laura Mercier. I showed you the Emerald Trio and now its time to take a look at some pretty bronze shades! I swatched this trio wet because thats the way that I prefer to use the colors. Actually the first shade Cameo is better when used dry. It’s a pretty matte and I really like it better dry. It’s a little chalky when its wet which you can kind of see in the swatches below.

This may look like a really neutral palette of colors but there is a spin on this…are you ready for it? That middle shade isn’t what it seems!!









Cameo, Bronze Opal, and Sienna









It’s brown or is it? It’s green sometimes…that middle shade Bronze Opal is so cool I love it! I have a loose shadow color in this pretty bronze/green shade and since it was a sample its almost gone so I’m glad to have this. Check this out at Nordstrom if you’d like a pretty trio for the holidays that has a little something extra!

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  1. Allie says

    Oh man, I seriously /just/ took these out of my shopping cart last night! But we’re similar (if not the same) skintone, and these swatches look so lovely on your skin! ^_^

  2. Nicole says

    I actually saw this palette in my local Nordstrom, then decided not to buy. After looking at these swatches, I may reconsider this. Bronze Opal looks really pretty.

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