Le Metier De Beaute – Best Shopping Experience Ever!

I know I am not going to shock you when I tell you that I love shopping. I have been to a few makeup counters in my time and I usually have a good experience and talk to really friendly and knowledgeable people. When I read about a makeup line that I have been interested in for several months being nearby at Neiman Marcus in McLean, Virginia I got over there quicker than I’d like to admit to you!

I love Neimans it’s a rare treat for me to go there. I walked in and found the Le Metier De Beaute counter. I was greeted by the nicest woman ever. Eileena could most likely tell I was excited, maybe I was all bug-eyed and giddy looking. That happens when I see new makeup. I’m all about it! Anyway she told me all about the history of this company and I couldn’t wait to try everything.

I got some great stuff to show you. I tried everything and I never say this about myself but….I LOOKED LIKE A MILLION BUCKS when I walked out of there. There is soooo much I want to get next time. I seriously thought about getting everything I wanted and how it would be to live under a bridge because of it. I couldn’t help but think I’d look so good under the bridge!

The founders of Le Metier De Beaute have collectively worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years. They put together a team of 20 chemists that along with them believed in using innovative ingredients and technology to create the best products. Their core principles are design, quality, and crafting. Products are put through a rigorous screening process from makeup artists, beauty editors, and other leading experts to make sure that only the best products make it to market.

Let’s take a look at some of the products I got!

Classic Flawless Finish Concealer: This is a great concealer for touching up and taking care of under eye circles (bless them) with an SPF of 18. It’s got Vitamins A, E, and Shea butter in there. I got shade 12, it’s pictured above. Twelve shades are available, concealer is $55.

Classic Flawless Finish Foundation: This foundation is luminous and not much is needed to create a nice even finish. This foundation is made with Nylon 12 which allows it to stretch and move with the contours of your skin. So you don’t have to worry about cracking or it settling in fine lines. Twelve shades are available and it’s $68 a bottle.

Kaleidoscope Eye Kit: This is such a great idea, it’s easy to carry and looks just plain neat! There are some holiday/limited edition kit’s and regular range kits. I got Splendid Frost a limited edition kit. They are $95 each.

Here’s what I want to get next….I tried all these items on my visit this week and I love them. But I’m working on pacing myself!










Precision Liquid Eye Liner: This is so easy to use and lasted till I took it off many hours later. This liner really is precise and comes in three colors. I used the Bleu shade and it was soooo gorgeous! The liners are $48 each.














Anamorphic Lash Mascara: This mascara is made without tar and any polymers that can irritate your eye. If you dislike mascara that makes your lashes hard this mascara is for you! Your lashes aren’t going to be hard and brittle. You can build up your lashes with a few coats and besides crazy good volume you can achieve some length too! The mascara is $34 a tube and comes in seven shades.











Brow Bound Eyebrow Pencil: This easy to use pencil creates such a soft natural look. It doesn’t tug or pull on your brow but makes your eyebrows look nice and defined. I loved this pencil, it’s so effective and gentle. This comes in five shades for $36 each.















Lip Creme: This is like a really good marriage between a lip gloss and a lipstick. It stays on and looks just glossy enough to be really pretty. You can build up the color by layering. One layer looked great on me for several hours. I love moisturizing lip products and this is just right! Lot’s of beautiful shades are available, this creme is $36 a tube.

So definitely take a look at Le Metier De Beaute if you can. I really recommend trying things out at the counter. I think you will be really happy with the products! Check out their website: www.metierbeaute.com.

Disclosure: I purchased these products (foundation, concealer, and kaleidoscope) myself!

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  1. Caroline R says

    Oooooh, now that looks like a brand to look out for, loving the items you got!
    Unfortunately their only european location is in Paris :(

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