LMDB Cebu Lip Creme & Some of My Other Favorite LMDB Glosses!

I was lucky enough to snag a LMDB Limited Edition Lip Creme named Cebu by Lisa Corsino from Neiman Marcus in Tyson’s Galleria. Lisa named this beautiful gloss after one of the islands in the Philippines where she is from. Isn’t that fantastic? Cebu is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Philippines.

I love this shade!  Its so pretty and I knew it would be a beautiful sparkly natural shade which I love for this time of year. I am a big fan of brights but I love something that looks a little more natural (but with a sparkly pop) for every day. This totally fits the bill for that. I’ve worn Cebu around town and gotten so many complements on it. It’s a great fit for all skin tones.

Since this is a LE gloss its selling out FAST. Check with Lisa Corsino herself (ext. 3306) or Kathy Shoreman (ext 3282) at Neiman’s/Tysons (703-761-1600) if you’d like to purchase. It’s $36 but like all my LMDB glosses you’d have to shoot me dead to get me to part with them. Seriously holy grail stuff! In a fire….I’d grab my LMDB gloss drawer right after my cat. HA!

Here are some other LMDB gloss favorites of mine that are in the permanent line and not limited edition:

Pinks/Coral: Cannes, Fraise, Dubai

Purple: Uma Paro, La Belle

Red: Framboise

Nude-ish: Bondi Beach

Brown/Gold: Chocolate, Cocoa Creme

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