LORAC Pro Palette 2 Teaser!

I heard this will be online at ulta.com on 6/15 and in stores on 6/29!

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  1. Barbette says

    So what are your thoughts Crystal? That’s a no brainer for me, it will be mine. I’m curious why the palette doesn’t say Lorac Pro 2? They left the number 2 off and it would have been cool if they changed the outside a little so we can tell the difference between the existing one and the new one. Maybe stripes….something. I guess they’re going to leave the embellishments up to us.

    • says

      I’m all over this! I’m excited by that blue shade…and all the others but that blue! I think the look packaging wise is interesting. I love the inside but darn it the outside gets so dirty quick I wish they would have changed it. Oh well regardless I’m all in!

  2. T.R. says

    Isn’t the outside of this one gray/silver and the original is black. Maybe that’s why they didn’t put the 2 on it.

    Yeah that blue. I kept going back to it throughout the video. AND it’s matte.

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