(CLOSED)20,000 YouTube Subscribers LORAC Pro Palette Giveaway!

I reached 20,000 subscribers on YouTube!!!!

I asked a bunch of my Instagram peeps what palette they’d want to win and there were several great ideas but this one is new(er) and something less people have. So enter to win if you’d like the LORAC Pro Palette!

International subscribers please enter also! If you have a mailbox I will get this palette to you!

LORAC Pro Palette

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  1. Kassidy says

    Well I only have one small palette and its a mini Sephora makeup bag palette and I really like it to get me started

  2. Chrissy says

    A maybelle purple eye shadow quad. And urban decay book of shadows I’m not sure what it’s called but the most recent one

  3. Tammy/Courbry says

    My favorite palette is Ingot. So creamy and blendable!!!! Great giveaway. I suggested the Lorac Pro Palette on your instagram.

  4. says

    My favorite eyeshadow palette is the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner for Brown Eyes. I really love it mainly because it consists of the most prettiest shimmery eyeshadows. I love it also because it has a great variety of colors, from purples to neutrals. Plus, it’s not too expensive either, so I like that. :) Thanks so much for the giveaway, Crystal. And, congratulations on hitting 20,000 subscribers.

  5. Susan says

    Favorite palette of all time is Too Faced Summer Palate. Great mix of colours for all year, really. Terrific for brown eyes!

  6. Amanda says

    I only have the warm colors palette from elf but want to further my collection and this would be great to start it off

  7. Sara Loise McCann says

    Oooo that’s a tough call though I’d probably say the urban decay book of shadows volume 1.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway lovely xx

  8. Brandi says

    currently my favorite is simply covergirl shimmering sands due to wanting to sleep in and not fuss – but i do love the nude tude when i want something extra – will be excited to have time to do a little extra in the near future!

  9. Katie says

    my favorite palette of all time is the too faced natural eye. the colors are so soft and beautiful and pigmented.

  10. Melissa says

    I just got the NYX Butt Naked palette ( I just love that name LOL ) and it has a great variety of shadows not to mention blushes, bronzer and highligters.

  11. Chika e. says

    I don’t have a make up pallette. I want to save money so I can try both of the urban decay naked palettes. :-)

  12. Anna says

    Great prize! I’m still loving my original naked pallette, but I’m ready to mix it up with something different.

  13. Gabby says

    My favourite palette of all time is Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. It changed my view on high-end makeup, and showed me that, yes, you do get what you pay for.

  14. Margie says

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh 20,000 subscribers! Congrats!!!! I love your channel and it’s obvious that 19,999 other people do also :)

  15. Emily says

    I don’t really own any palettes, I mostly use drugstore shadows.
    My favorite at the moment is Walking on Eggshells from Wet and Wild.

  16. Amoure says

    I have quite a few palettes but my favorite one that has gotten the most use over the years is the Manly 180 palette.

  17. tess says

    i have no pallettes but my friend has a two face pallette that i adore and i have cheapo shadows that i love
    i would love to win this thxx!

  18. Mira CJCandidata says

    LOVE your vids and think you’re the BEST for having this giveaway! THANKS for being so wonderful;) I love the palette. Don’t live in the U.S. so haven’t had a chance to get the Naked palettes and this one looks like a great dupe of the Naked1 & 2;) I sooooo need it;) xoxo a happy camper/subbie!

  19. gabriela says

    I actually dont own any palette i borrow my sister palette the mandy palette she bought it in ebay..though it has nice colors i would like to own one so i dont have to borrow hers

  20. Denise says

    My favorite palettes currently is one I just made at the MAC store. It’s full of natural colors. I also love my Sleek palette. Amazing colors and color payoff.

  21. Sonia H says

    I love the La Femme 4 Piece shadow blend kit in #9, has the perfect browns for a perfect netural look! Huge congratulations for getting so far x

  22. Amber Heater says

    My Nude Tude palette from TheBalm. Such beautiful colors! I use it all the time. Congrats on all the subbies and thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Amber Heater says

    My Nude Tude palette from TheBalm. Such beautiful colors! I use it all the time. Congrats on all the subbies and thanks for the giveaway! Your awesome”

  24. Caitlin says

    I actually bought an H&M makeup eyeshadow palette while in Paris and I have to say I really love it. There is a bit of fall out and the colours do fade throughout the day but, the colours are really nice and I can always find a colour to go with what I’m wearing.

  25. Stacey says

    This palette looks even better than both of the Naked palettes combined! It’s beautiful! And congrats on all the subbies!!!

  26. says

    Either UD Naked or UD Naked 2. I love both of them. I just love UD in general. I have other palettes but none of them really can beat UD Naked and UD Naked 2.

  27. LaShawn says

    I love all palettes they are easy to work with and the colors good together. I would love to win this one because it has a lot of neutrals.

  28. Erica Waldman says

    I love my urban decay naked palette! And i also love my bare minerals ready quad in dream sequence for some color!

  29. Annie says

    my favorite palette must have to be my naked palette by urban decay. I can wear that everyday and not get bored with any of the colors.

  30. Sidney says

    I have been eyeing up this palette for weeks! I am in lust with it!:) My favorite would have to be naked 1. What can I say, I’m original…

  31. Lisa J says

    I am loving the Stila In the Know palette right now, but this Lorac is at the very top of my “next” list!

  32. Anne says

    right now it’s wet n wild’s coloricon trio in i’m getting sunburnt :) perfect for august (what’s left of it anyways)

  33. Jordan says

    my favorite has to be the smashbox softbox from spring 2011, lots of mattes and perfect colors (though the too faced naked and romantic eyes are pretty awesome too)

  34. Veronica says

    i love urban decay’s 15th anniversary palette!they have many different colors and i love how creamy they are :)

  35. Navreet says

    My favorite palette is probably a favorite for everyone and it’s the naked 1&2 palettes from Urban Decay!! I really love the colors and how you can make so many looks with all the colors!!

  36. Shron says

    The UD naked palette and Too FAced naked palettes. I heard great things about this palette and I love Lorac’s primer.

  37. Tiffany says

    I do not care for the urban decay palette because it has too many shimmer shade. Love this one because all colors are beautiful, pigmented and half matte!

  38. says

    Immediately I thought to write “Urban Decay Naked.” Yes it is a favorite but one I reach for even more than UD Naked 1 and Naked 2 is NYX Caribbean Collection in I Dream of Jamaica. It is well used, I’ve hit pan on 3 of the 5 shadows. I’ve never grown tired of it!

  39. Skye says

    Probably the Urban Decay Naked Palette because it has all of the shades I need, or the Too Faced Natural Eye palette cause the colors are beautiful

  40. Steph says

    My favourite palettes are the ones I’ve made at Inglot, I don’t usually buy a lot of premade palettes (but I do have my eyes on a few from Urban Decay and The Balm).

  41. Roxanne says

    My favorite palette is the Nude’tude palette by theBalm! It’s so amazing that I buy backups every time it’s on Hautelook :)

  42. Briana Reeves says

    I do not own any high end palettes yet unfortunately. I haven’t had the money to dish out on one. I do however have a few ELF palettes that are pretty great and I loooove Walking on Eggshells by Wet ‘N Wild. :) This Lorac palette looks spectacular though. If I don’t win, it just might be the first high end palette I invest in. :P And congrats on the 20,000 subscribers!!

  43. kelly s says

    i honestly love all makeup….i have hundreds of palettes even though I don’t need it. lol. I use a little bit of all palettes from Urban Decay, Dior, Lorac

  44. Kaitlyn says

    Honestly, it changes from week to week. Right now I’m loving the Smashbox mega palette. However, the Tarte TrueBlood Palette is a definite favorite as well. It has the most perfect silver eyeshadow I’ve ever found! <3

  45. Arifa says

    Thank-you so much for the giveaway! You’ve earned the 20,000 subscribers through how passionate and excited you get about makeup. :)

    My favourite palette as of right now is the Maybelline “Emerald Smokes” quad. Green smokey eyes look amazing with my brown eyes.

  46. Arifa says

    Currently, I am loving doing different intensities of a green smokey eye. To do this, I love using my Maybelline “Emerald Smokes” quad. :)

  47. Veronica says

    Out of all the palettes I have… Prob nyc butt naked or nyc nude on nude. wearable colors are my obsession.

  48. Shannon says

    I have the sephora primal instincts eyeshadow palette and I’m absolutely loving it. 14 gorgeous eyeshadows.

  49. Tabitha says

    The palettes that I have are cheap dollar store palettes. As a single mother it is a little difficult to find extra money to purchase the nicer make-up. I would love to have one nice palette.

  50. Tricia says

    I had a 4 quad by MAC that I loved. I think it was part of the Cult of Cherry collection but I can’t remember. This palette is beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  51. Megan S says

    I own a ton of Profusion eyeshadow palettes that I enjoy equally – but I would love to try a nicer quality eyeshadow.

  52. Lisa Jean-Francois says

    This is a beautiful palette, I hadn’t seen it before. I love the pic with swatches on different complexions.

  53. crystal chu says

    rban decay naked palette! and i love all of the neutral shades from the maybelline 8 shadow quad as well<3

  54. Linda says

    Must admit we don’t have Lorac in the UK, but those swatches look very impressive and you’ve added yet another name to my must get CP’ed list, bad Crystal lol, but in an oh so good way lol.

  55. Kim says

    Is it wrong that I don’t have a favourite palette? I really like just mixing it up with colours from everywhere & every brand I might have in my collection! Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I love watching your videos, you’re so upbeat it’s a pleasure!

  56. Lisa says

    Fun giveaway! All my Too Faced palettes are my favorite. Each one is distinctive and I never tire of any of them. But Lorac is also great because of the deep pigments and smooth texture. I have an old one that doesn’t even have a name on it anymore, but I still use it!
    Love your videos!

  57. Paula says

    So I just subscribed to your YouTube channel last night…I wonder if I was the 20,000th ; ). I have watched your videos before and have you in my favorites on my pc (that I never use now that I have an iPad). Love your reviews! Went hunting for limited edition Maybelline Color Tatoos…found ALL of them (at 4 different stores) and I LOVE them!

  58. Liberty marie says

    My fav. pallet is the urban decay naked pallet because i can use it to create a lot of natural looks for school :)

  59. Cynthia says

    I have the Urban Decay (original) Naked pallet. I’ve never used any Lorac so it would be new to my collection.

  60. Kimberly says

    I can’t afford to buy that much makeup but it’s my dream to become a makeup artist and this palette could help me get used to using a lot of different colors, thanks for the give away <33

  61. Jala Sadek says

    I love love the palette it looks gorgeous! Congrats on the 20,000 subscribers you deserve it, you’re simply amazing!xxx

  62. Deb says

    Love this palette, cant wait to play with it whether I win it from you or I purchase it! Thanks and Good Luck everyone!

  63. Brielle says

    I love the Coastal Scents 88 Palette simply because it is so easy to travel with and I am constantly on the go traveling so it works perfect and doesn’t take up too much space in my luggage! Thank you for this giveaway :)

  64. Hollie says

    My favorite palette is the Naked palette by Urban Decay, the shadows are so pigmented and flattering! I love neutral palettes!

  65. sristy24 says

    i have been eyeing this pallette for so long !!! but never got it !!! i would love to win this plz plz plz!!!! thanks for this gr8 giveaway !!!

  66. Margaret says

    This palette looks wonderful! My favourite palette so far is the Too Faced Natural Eye palette. Congrats on reaching 20,000 subscribers and thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  67. Unekwu says

    In my opinion Urban Decay makes the BEST eyeshadows ever! Because of that my favorite palettes are the Naked Palette and The Book of Shadows IV. I use those every time I wear makeup.

    Thanks for the giveaway Crystal!! :)

  68. Sonia says

    You deserve it!!! love your videos and the palette. I love the naked 2 but this one look like it has really good pigmentation.

  69. Kayla says

    I would love to win this palette because Im obsessed with neutrals! My favorite palette is the naked palette I recenltey purchesed it!

  70. Gloria Rosales says

    My fave palette so far is the Nude Tude by the balm cosmetics. Naked 2 is good too, but I need to have this Lorac one ASAP!!!

  71. Jauana says

    Congratulations on reaching 20,000 subscribers. You are my trusted source thank you for all that you do.
    Much Love

  72. Samantha F. says

    I, honestly, do not have an all time favorite palette. I have duos and quads and stuff, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on the naked palette or anything like that. Otherwise, I am sure that would be my favorite. I do, however, have a palette that I made (kind of). I bought an empty mac palette and couple of their pan shadows. Then, I filled the other spaces with my bare minerals loose shadows that I pressed into pans. I love every single one of those shadows. So, I guess my “custom” palette is my fave.

  73. Tasia says

    I’ve only recently started to become interested in makeup so I only have drugstore eyeshadows at the moment so my favorite palette would be Wet n Wild’s “walking on eggshells”. It would be amazing to win my first high end eyeshadow palette!

  74. Anne says

    Ooooo I have been droooooooolllling over this pallet. I love your videos and upbeat and fun you make everything!

  75. Chewy says

    Do I just comment to enter??
    Anyway, I am looking for a good palette that has enough neutral matte shades and I thought THIS WOULD BE PERFECT when I saw this. Hope hope! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Becky says

    My favorite is the Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette. It has a nice mixture of matte and shimmery neutral shades. A great go to :]

  77. April D. says

    My favorite palette is a toss up between the Tarte True Blood palette & the Lorac Unzipped. I love both of them. Congratulations on reaching 20,000 subbies & thank you so much for doing the giveaway! I love watching your videos! :)

  78. Charlotte says

    Not a palette but my favorites are the Maybelline Eye Studio® Color Plush™ Silk Eyeshadow quads. You can buy 5-6 of them for the same price as a high end palette.. the colors are gorgeous, wonderful formula, smooth, pigmented. I recently bought a UD palette and while it is gorgeous the fallout is so bad I cannot wear it, drives my eyes nuts.. even after I remove it. It feels like I have salt in my eyes.

  79. Jessica says

    I have a few favorites: Vanity by Wet n Wild, a well loved and used Chanel quad I saved for, several years ago in Dunes, and Urban Decay Original Naked.
    Love your videos! Congratulations on all the subscribers :)

  80. Nadine A. says

    I love my custom build mac palette with bland type, wedge, grain and naked lunch! I use it almost every day!

  81. Mandy says

    Congratulations! Amazing giveaway. Never tried Lorac before, i can ‘t get this brand in Europe. I hope i have a good chance of winning this giveaway! Yay :)

  82. Selena says

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 subscribers! YaY!!! Thank you for this great giveaway! My favorite palette is my nyx.

  83. Serena says

    My favorite palette is the TokiDoki Mon Amour palette! I am sooo sad that they discontinued the line, because Bruttino is the best blue shade I have ever found in my life. I have grey eyes, so finding a blue that doesn’t compete or look tacky is hard. I stock piled this shade, and it’s in one of the quads I have too!

  84. Ashlee says

    My all time favorite eyeshadow is Saddle by MAC because its the only brown eyeshadow that makes my blue eyes really POP! It’s an Orange based brown. Awesome! This giveaway is so cool. I saw that pallet in the Ulta magazine and I fell in love. But I’m a broke college student. Good luck to everyone!

  85. Christina Lovgreen says

    Congratulations! 20.000 is a such an achievement.

    Right now I use my Dior Rosy Tan every day. It´s one of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes :)

    It´s so nice of you to be doing this giveaway!

  86. Sweta says

    I love love neutral colors. I usually like the Naked 1 and 2 palettes. I love tins and tones of gold and champagne. Look amazing on ANY skin tone and can be worn light for day and dramatic for night outs. Thanks for this giveaway. So excited!! xx

  87. Sydney says

    My absolute hands down favorite palette is the Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette! I use it more or less every day!

  88. Carrie says

    Mu favorite palette of the moment is my bhcosmetics 120 palette 3rd edition. No matter what I always go back to it because I LOVE the colors and surprisingly amazing color payoff!

  89. Melanie says

    My favourite palette is one that I got on ebay. It has every shade of the rainbow. I do wish it had matte colours (it only has shimmer). Needless to say, I’d LOVE to try this palette!! :)

  90. Barbara says

    Congratz on the 20,000 subscribers! I do not have any high end palette, I have many quads and trios, but I do have a Wet n Wild Limited Edition palette called Bake Off contest, and I love it!

  91. Myrte says

    My all time favorite palette is definitely the Naked (1) palette. The colors are perfect and you can make the most simple but gorgeous looks with it! Sleek has also really good palettes by the way!

  92. anat schlezinger says

    will LLLOVE to win this. we dont have LORAC where i live so itll be a great package to get! thank you!!!

  93. princessannan says

    I don’t have a favorite makeup palette because I currently don’t own any. But after this giveaway maybe i will. And thank you so much for this giveaway! :)

  94. Andreea Nixe says

    I really like the smoked palette by urban decay, it has really nice shades… and the first naked palette seems great, too.

  95. Renda says

    I would love to win the LORAC palette! Since I joined AmeriCorps and started doing non-profit work, I haven’t been able to afford to keep up with my makeup addiction lol. I’ve been looking at this palette for the last few weeks. It looks awesome!

  96. Chenille says

    My favorite palette and quad are UD Naked 2 & MAC Call Me Bubbles from the Shop Cook collection! I couldn’t pick just one!

  97. Stephanie cortes says

    The lorac pro is my favorite palette and I would love to win it !! 7 months pregnant and trying to look beautiful :) thanks for the giveaway

  98. Kelsey says

    I love my custom palette that I made using some Wet n Wild pans and a few Avon shades. I would love to own the naked palette but can’t afford it right now. This Lorac one looks awesome too! :D

  99. says

    I have to say I love my Sonia Kashuk Core Instructional Eye palette, its a drugstore version of matte and neutral colors which are very pigmented and a lot of fun to work with.

  100. Jocelyn Quinones says

    Hi, Please enter me in for the lorac giveaway. Thank u for doing this giveaway. I just luv ur vids!!!!

  101. Kimberley says

    I don’t actually own any palettes so this one would be a great starter for me because I love mattes,shimmers and neutral shades! thanks for the giveaway Crystal!! But the UD Naked palette looks really pretty!

  102. Teresa says

    I really like the original Naked pallet by Urban Decay; it has enough of the dark deeper colors for me to do smokey looks but it is versatile enough that I can do a lighter day look as well.

  103. Katrina Davis says

    My favorite palette of all time is my WnW Comfort Zone palette. I have tons of palettes but for some reason I tend to reach for this one the most.

  104. Liliya says

    always use the Jade one, i am from Russia so i’m not sure if it’s available anywhere else, Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Liv says

    Not super original, I know, but the Urban Decay Naked palette is incredible. This palette is beautiful as well!

  106. Frances says

    So typical but my favourite is urban decay naked palette. The colours are just so wearable, similar to that lorac pro palette. Would love to win :)

  107. JoElla says

    I think my favorite palette its the Smashbox Mega Photo Op. So many colors to play with.

    I am really excited to try the Lorac Pro Palette, very pretty colors.
    Thank you for the fantab giveaway!

  108. Merete says

    Wow great Giveaway! :O
    I do not own any pallettes.. only quads and stuff :/ But I really want a big Palette, I wanted to buy the Urban Decay naked palette but its so expensive :( Hmm this one looks soo much better than the naked one :D
    Thank you for being you :P greets

  109. Susanne says

    Hi, and thanks for this great giveaway, that palette from Lorac looks to die for actually :) have not seen that one before….but than again I live in Sweden and here we are a bit on the dark side of makeup *lol*
    I only own a small palette from Viva La Diva with 6 eyeshadows, a bronzer and a highlighter and that is a great one :O) would LOVE to have the both Naked palettes and the Nude Tude one from the Balm though!
    Thanks again and congrats to 20 000 subbers sweetie!!

  110. angie says

    Congratulations on 20K subscribers! Love your videos and your great
    personality. I am a palette gal Have many that I love. This one looks fantastic…Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  111. LLawson says

    I only have two palettes and the one I use most is the Sephora Colorista custom makeup palette. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.

  112. Kelly Young says

    I honestly don’t have a favourite, i only use the cheap drug store non branded eyeshadow palettes, ive never been able to afford a high end branded eyeshadow palette, this would be my first if i ever won this :)

  113. LaSaundra says

    Happy 20k!!! I love to win the Lorac Pro Palette, and I love and own the Too faced Natural palette!!! Congrats!!!

  114. Felicia says

    I bought a palette from sephora that the editors of a magazine put together. It’s five mini palettes in one and you can pop them out and take one with you. Great value!

  115. MiMi says

    My favorite palette is one i created from a number of single matte neutral shades from Sally Beauty supply’s line called Sally Girl. Basically I put together shades I can put on and run out the door! Plus they are great for blending.

  116. grayson says

    i love the natural eye pallette by too faced it is amazing and i have gone through two of them and these colors are amazing on the pallette that you are giving away thank you so much

  117. Ohklc6607 says

    My favorite palette would have to be the wet and wild greed palette. I would love to the palette looks bomb!Thanks :)

  118. Racquel says

    Just started getting back into makeup…So I haven’t decided on a favorite eye palette… Love your videos!!!

  119. Gorgeouscorliss says

    I would love the Lorac Pro palette, Lorac is one of my favorite makeup brands. I used many of their products often blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers and the lipglosses.

  120. Laurie says

    Fav palette is btw the Inglot one I made with neutral colors and prob my most used is the UD naked but I also have this small one maybe coffee bean and in the buff from revlon color stay that I i use all the time! thanks for the giveawa

  121. Ramona says

    Wow, I would love to win this palette! I really love my Lorac TANtalEYES baked eyeshadow palette. The packaging is gorgeous and the shadows are smooth, pigmented and beautiful colors. <3

  122. janice says

    I think my favorite is my MAC palettes i made. I would love this lorac one. Heard amazing things about the shadows

  123. Emily says

    The Naked Palette by Urban Outfitters is probably what I use most. I recently got the Naked 2 palette, and I really like the colors in that one. They’re lighter shades mostly, so they’re easier for me to wear everyday on my pale skin. That one might become my favorite one day. :)

  124. Michelle says

    I have the Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette and I cant live with out it. It has everything you could possibly need in a Palette

  125. Elusive73 says

    Wow! Congratulations! What an incredible milestone!

    And thank you so much for giving us the chance to win something so awesome ;)


  126. JazzFest says

    The only palette I have is an e.l.f. one, and it’s fine if I use their primer as well. I have heard lots about the Urban Decay Naked palette so I’m interested in that one.

  127. Canarynaried says

    My current favorite is the Stila “Not So Nude” travel palette. It has six eye shadows that vary from matte to extreme shimmer, a sizable highlighter in “kitten” (which easily doubles as another eye shadow) and the convertible color in a shimmery soft pink hue. It’s so convenient to take with me in my purse for a quick touch up, and the colors as so universally friendly and flattering. When I feel like playing with my makeup, however, Kat Von D’s “Mi Vida Loca” is the palette to which I gravitate. With the “Wonderchild” eyeliner included, it’s my go-to brights palette. The deceptive white that is actually a light pink interference shadow (swan song) is a gorgeous highlight that is perfect for brightening in the tear duct without being overly stark.

  128. Lily says

    The Original Naked palette is my favorite!! I just wish it had a matte black like the 2nd one…it’s essential!!!

  129. Julie says

    What a great palette! It would be awesome to win. At the moment my Too Faced Romantic palette is getting the most use. Thx for the giveaway, Sweets!

  130. Lauren says

    My current favourite palette would have to be The Balm Nude ‘Tude but I would love to give this one a try as we can’t get it in Emgland :-( Fingers crossed x

  131. cassidyrae96 says

    I don’t have a favorite palette…I just love makeup. This one is simply beautiful and would love to add it to my collection. Thanks!!!

  132. Leslie says

    I don’t have a favorite palette since I’ve never owned one! The Naked palette did look pretty. Thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  133. Jetta says

    I have the Shady Lady palettes & NAKED2. This LORAC palette would be great because it’s like NAKED which I don’t have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. Caroline says

    I would have to say my favorite palette is the Neutral Eyes II by Tarte. Perfect for travel and everyday usage!

  135. CourtneyDanielle says

    yes i’d love to win it too. i loove the combination of mattes and shimmers. i think my favorite palette i own is the UD Naked1 palette. I use it soo often on myself and others. thanks for the giveaway!1!!

  136. Melissa Taylor says

    Congratulations on reaching 20,000 subscribers! I haven’t been able to try out many palettes but I do have one NYX palette in champagne and caviar that I like. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful palette!!

  137. Dana says

    My favorite palette I own is my Smashbox Photo Op Mega palette. It just has everything, so when I travel I usually take just that plus face stuff.

  138. Kristin B. says

    Naked palettes are nice, but I don’t have either. This looks like a lovely duplicate. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on reaching 20,000 subscribers!

  139. Eryn says

    OMG I love watching you on youtube if it wasn.t for you some of the prodicts I wanted to try that I would of wasted my money on even though they dont (Ugh :( ) Thank You, you really ARE a life saver!!! After getting that out of the way I would really love thaf pallette I have been wanting it but never really got to I would really appreciate if I won. tgank You for being so kind to us you are really AMAZING!

  140. Ieva Udre says

    Hellou! I don’t have any favorite pallete, because I don’t have any. ;) I hope that some day I can get my hands of many different one, it is so exciting – the world of make up.. :)))
    Have a wonderfull day! :)

  141. Kendyll says

    My favourite palette is my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette! I love that UD included both bright and bold colours as well as nudes :)

  142. Yvonne says

    My favorite palette is my Nude ‘tude Palette by The Balm. Congratulations on reaching 20,000 subscribers. Thank you for the opportunity :)

  143. Geo says

    I really like the Pixi Winter Wakeup Eyes palette (No. 2) that came out about two years ago. It’s a great set of neutral shadows that I can throw on quickly while still giving my eyes a little something.

  144. Kamri Allshouse says

    My favorite pallet is the Two Face Romantic Pallet because all the colors are so soft and beautiful.

  145. Ashley Thompson says

    I love love love my naked palettes 1 & 2. With that said I’m a true natural shadows girl. I can never get enough. I love that this palette has 8 matte shades. I hope I win…….. I would be so geeked.

  146. Jennifer says

    For me it would be a tie between Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2. I tend to wear N2 in cooler months and I love the warm colors for summer.

  147. Hope says

    I dont have a favorite palette……..I am just starting to expand my make-up use from just eyeliner and lipgloss only and try to add some eyeshadow

  148. Lexi Andreas says

    I actually dont own any real pallets, just one from claires, from when i was 12!! haha but i have been trying to save up for one, but me and my shopohiloc self, always spends the money in minutes… I would loooooovvvveee to win this!! :D

  149. Jessica says

    I would say my Urban Decay Naked palette, but I haven’t actually opened it yet! Its too pretty to touch! I am loving the BOS IV though. Urban Decay eyeshadows are just so wonderful to work with!

  150. Eva Notter says

    That looks like the most amazing thing of life! I am loving your videos I just found you a month or two ago and you’re so funny! Also a fan of max, which is my dogs name as well=) thanks for having a giveaway, I’ve never actually even seen anything by lorac before, only heard of it! =\ apparently I live under a rock? I have the naked pallet in my… Defense? Haha, but I love how diverse this pallet is

  151. katia says

    I loveee ur reviews.. I always have to watch them. :) Congratulations for reaching so many subscribers. I would looove to win this awesome pallete. :)

  152. says

    My favorite palette is the one I made with the Inglot freedom system. Absolutely love their shadows! I reach for them over most of my other palettes and shadows every day.

  153. PinkPanther1420 says

    I love your reviews, although my husband hates them.lol He knows it means more than likely I’m going to the store. I keep telling him your saving him money. I look forward to your next video. Be blessed and the give aways what more can I say but…Yeah!!! lol I would love to have this pallete.

  154. Anastasiya says

    My favorite palette so far has been the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!! The Colors are so beautiful and pigmented! I really wanted to buy this Lorac Palette when I was shopping this week but I went way over my budget at sephora! This palette looks absolutely stunning!

  155. Sarah says

    Thank you for the giveaway! You get to show your fans your appreciation for their appreciation of you! lol. I hope I win, I would love this palatte!

  156. Sarah says

    Woot woot!!! I love your giveaways! I’ve never had a high-end palatte before, and would love to try this one!

  157. says

    I have always loved makeup but I’m just now really starting to purchase it. I don’t have any palettes right now, but I would love to make this one my first.

  158. Brittany says

    I don’t own any set palettes but i love my Inglot freedom system one! I made a mix of matte and pearls colours :)

  159. Stacy says

    My favorite palette right now is definitely my Naked 2 palette! I’m so glad neutrals are big for Fall. Thank you so much for this giveaway & congrats on 20,000!!! :-)

  160. Nora says

    My fav palette would have to be Shady Lady Vol.3 from the Balm. I never tried Lorac products before, but this palette looks great. Nice giveaway! :D

  161. Alena N. says

    Definitely UD Naked2 ( but new ones – the dangerous and the fun are going to be my new goal))).
    And Shiseido Luminizing satin eyecolor trio in Bouquet (VI308 I guess) is my absolute violette-palette fav!!!

  162. sristy24 says

    unfortunately i dont hv any high end palette yet !! so i would love to win this !! and congratz for the 20,000 subscribers !!!

  163. says

    My favorite makeup palette of all time would be the 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay ;) And btw,congrats for your 20,000 YouTube Subscribers :D

  164. Sabina says

    My favourite makeup palette is Urban Decay Naked 2, I’d love to win this one because the colours are quite similar :D.

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 Youtube subscribers :), I’m one of them (94MakeupLover).

    Fingers crossed, this would be an amazing back to college present :)

  165. vanessa mendoza says

    i obviously love the urban decay, the naked palette. but i also love my personalized inglot palette as well.

  166. Elisabeth Schmitt says

    I would love to try the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette…
    But lately I am using a trio by P2.

  167. Torey says

    I cant say i actually have a pelette but i think ive got enough quads to make.up for it! And they are all drugstore brands

  168. says

    Would love to win the Lorac PRO PALETTE For My Birthday Which Is September 5 My favorite palette is the wet n wild 8 pan palette COMFORT ZONE Thanks so much for the giveaway so generous of you xoxo

  169. N. McKoy says

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 Youtube subscribers!!!!!
    My favorite eyeshadow palette is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I’m such a sucker for neutral eyes and the Lorac Pro Palette looks right up my alley.

  170. says

    I really like the NYX Crimson Amulet pallet – it’s probably going to be my go-to pallet for the fall (unless I win this, of course – i’ve been lusting over it since I saw it!)

  171. Franseca says

    Thank u for this great giveaway. So far my favorite palettes are UD Naked, and my recently created MAC & Inglot palettes.

  172. Erica says

    Congrats!!! I love Urban Decay Naked 1 as well as The Balm Nude Tude palette. I would love to get my hand on this Lorac one. Thank you for your continued generosity.

  173. Rachel B. says

    Ummm, the only palette I know is ELF, so ELf it is. It would be nice to try a different one, better if it’s free!!

  174. Sherry B. says

    I love the Wet’n'Wild ColorIcon Silent Treatment Trio. That’s why I would like to win this so much—I love neutrals. Thank you for the giveaway, Crystal; you’re awesome for doing this one!

  175. Laura says

    Congrats on reaching 20,000…u deserve all the best. You’re a true delight to watch! I just purchased a small urban decay palette and its amazing…I know why they have such a cult following.

  176. says

    I don’t own any fancy eyeshadow palettes, I guess my favorite is this quad from Lancome that came in a sample size, so the eyeshadows were really small. I’m not sure what the actual quad is called, but the four colors included were really pretty: The New Black (a gorgeous shimmery black that I use as a liner), Mannequin (a metallic crease color), Waif (a base color), and Latte (a subtle highlight color).

  177. Alisha Brundrett says

    I’ve never owned a palette, however I have several quads that I love…I have a wine/plums one from Lancome that I use very often and then I have a quad from the drug store that has greys and blues in it that I really like. Thank you!!

  178. Renatta says

    Hi there!! My favorite palette is by SLEEK called Sunset. May I please enter my name for this give-away? Thank you, happy to hear your kitty is feeling better!

  179. says

    I’ve been obsessed with the Too Faced Matte Eye Pallet ever since it came out! I use it every single day – so if any of you have ever considered it, it’s a must buy for sure! xx

  180. Alicia says

    Recently discovered your videos on YouTube and love the guidance nd reviews you offer. Thank you for what you do and for having this giveaway!

  181. Sharon says

    Hi~! my current favorite is Urban Decay’s first Naked Palette, but I think the Lorac Pro palette could replace it! :) Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 20,000 subscribers!!!! <3

  182. sristy24 says

    weli dnt hv any high end palette yet!! from the drugstore i love the wet n wild palettes!!!! comfart zone is my fav from that line !! amazing colors !!! u should try that if u didnt !!! i m sure u wil love them !!! n this lorac pallette looks realy nice !!! i realy want this !!! dnt hv a high end pallette yet !! this wil be my very first one if i win this !!! thankz for this awsum giveaway !!!

  183. Naya says

    I dont have any palettes yet, only single eyeshadows… I heard great things about this LORAC palette an would love to have it as we unfortunately don’t have this brand in Europe… Thanks and please keep the videos coming :)

  184. Carin says

    This one looks amazing!! Have been aching for the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I think I like the look of this more :)

  185. Ali says

    I’m not sure if we have to name our favourite palette as I don’t see where the question is..but I’d say I love anything by Urban Decay. My fave is the one with the purple gun on the front and it’s all black and purples with velvet accents. LOVE all the colours in that for a night out! Thanks for doing this giveaway and making it international! :) xx

  186. says

    I have been loving my nyx palettes and trios, and of course, my wnw trios. Such immense quality for a small price. I haven’t used any lorac shadows before and would love to win this contest!

  187. Orel says

    My favorite eyeshadow palette is UD naked1.
    my favorite makeup item is probably the revlon lip butters and NARS laguna bronzer… hard to choose :)

    love ur channel

  188. indigo Johnson says

    I haven’t had many palettes, but I would say my favorite one so far has been my Sephora 2011 Blockbuster Holiday palette. I used it a lot while I was in esthetics training (it was a big hit with all my classmates too lol). It has allowed me to create a number of eye makeup ideas and I still have more to come. It also has a number of lip colors, so I’ve been able to experiment with them and see what colors look good on me. I love the pigmentation of the shadows. Overall, the palette was a wonderful Christmas/birthday gift.

  189. Bonnie C. says


    I haven’t tried an actual palette yet, but there are so many that have looked really great that I just haven’t been able to get my hands on (such as UD’s palettes, they make some lovely ones). I love all eye makeup, and some of the shadows that I have really liked are the mineral eye shadows from elf, and I’ve also tried a few samples of Fyrinnae’s shadows that I really liked too. :-)

    Thanks for having this giveaway, and have a great day!


  190. says

    This is a hard one. I am going to have to go with the INGLOT Freedom Palette. I chose this because INGLOT shadows have great pigmentation and just the simple fact of being able to create your own palette.

  191. Libby says

    I don’t own any palettes yet, which is why I would love love love to win this! What a great starter palette! Thanks so much!

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