L’oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss Berry Chic #258-It’s Yummy!









L’oreal Coulour Riche Le Gloss Berry Chic #258, $7.99 at Walgreens (Limited Edition)

This gloss is sooo beautiful! I picked this up weeks ago and I love it. It goes on really smooth and smells like candy! This isn’t one of those glosses that I can put on without a mirror though. I got a lotta lip to cover (no jokes please!) so I use a mirror with this one to get the gloss on evenly. This is a bright beautiful shade and I’m hoping that it isn’t limited edition. I got it from a huge L’oreal display that turned up at all the drugstores. Hopefully you have seen it!

There are a ton of colors though at Walmart and all the drugstores. I tried one of these a while ago and wasn’t that happy. Now I know I just got the wrong color….cause this gloss is FIRE!

I’d say that I touch up a few times a day. Always after meals. I enjoy touching it up though and this gloss is just moisturizing enough to keep this girl happy. Look for this shade or something a little less bright. I think the Le Gloss formula is a winner!

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  1. Tara Haywood says

    I love all these lipglosses, I have all 27 includes LE ones. These are supposed to be LE; I am in love with Rosy Demeanor from this collection.

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