L’oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss-Saucy Mauve









L’oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss Saucy Mauve, $5.97 at Walmart

I picked this second Le Gloss up on the sly with Nude Touch.  I can’t get over how yummy these glosses smell. It’s like candy…yum. This is a sparkly shade and its not a nude but its fun!








I think this is a great pick for someone that is looking for a fun shimmery shade. I love the sparkle in it and as much as I’ve come to love and use all those nude glosses that I showed you during drugtore nude gloss week a little sparkle is always welcome in my stash. Since its so comfortable to wear I highly recommend this shade also. I think I prefer the creme finishes when it comes to Colour Riche Le Glosses but I’m really glad that I tried this one!

I think I’d love to try another bright shade like Berry Chic. I hope all the brights are as beautiful as that! And not limited edition of course. You know how silly I am about loving my brights to death. Any colors you want to recommend? I’ve talked to a lot of Le Gloss lovers in the past few weeks. Y’all represent!

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  1. sara wood says

    Very pretty! The only bummer I find with these glosses is that they separate in the tube :-(. I’d love to see yoy wearing some of the new la laque and le matte by L’Oreal :-)

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