L’oreal Paris Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara-Blackest Black

I’d say that this is a middle of the road mascara for me. I don’t hate it but I’m not a die hard fan either. Voluminous mascaras always work for me. This one has a great formula but in my opinion the downfall is the super big (sorta floppy/wimpy) brush. I need stiffer bristles to get my lashes to move into place.

Most days when I use this mascara I need to manipulate my lashes after using the wand so they don’t cross over each other. Since I am a slap it on and go girl this frustrates me a little.









Don’t get me wrong I think this is a great drugstore mascara. But if your looking for something that does all the work for you this might not be it. I think what makes Almay’s Get Up & Grow work even though the brush is almost as large is that the wand bristles are stiffer/shorter and they make my difficult lashes obey! The Almay wand separates and coats my lashes better.

Check out the before and after. I think you get great length with this and with several coats I get the kind of volume I like.









before/after-two coats

For around $8 I think this mascara is going to be a good pick for a lot of people. It comes in a waterproof formula also and there are three shades available. Besides Blackest Black which I purchased, you can also get this in Black and Black Brown. I think this is a great fit for people that have easy to tame lashes. I think I’m a tough case, my lashes have a mind of their own:)

Have you checked this mascara out yet? Let us all know if you love it or hate it and why!

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