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This is a winter must have for me. I came across Buffy on one of my first visits to the new LUSH store that they built near my house over a year ago. Once the helpful LUSH sales associate told me I wouldn’t have to use lotion after showering with Buffy I must have had the craziest happy look on my mug. I was up for that, I slather an unattractive amount of lotion on after showers in the winter. My skin gets supper dry and cracked if I don’t keep it moisturized. I hate that extra step so I decided to try out Buffy.

There are a lot of helpful ingredients in this bar. Shea butter and cocoa butter which are some of my favorite moisturizers and also ground rice to help exfoliate the skin. I worried that the exfoliant would be to harsh but it’s definitely not in my opinion. The moisturizers balance things out and it all works together to make your skin smoother. Buffy should be used on wet skin.

I can’t tell you how much I love using this. I don’t have to pile on the lotion after a shower, I can just dry off and get dressed. I wish I had found this years ago. I tend to pat myself dry after using this because my skin is so moisturized. It’s not a greasy film that is left behind it’s just a thick layer of moisturization. It doesn’t interfere with my clothes in any way but this is definitely something you might need to try out first at the store before committing to using it. Some might not be happy with the thick “film” that Buffy leaves behind. Since it doesn’t get on my clothes I’m happy with it.

It’s not cheap ($22 for 7 oz large bar) but I think I go through 3-4 of these every winter and that’s fine with me. A smaller 3.30z bar is $12.

There is a very short video about how to use Buffy on the LUSH YouTube channel. Check it out!

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