Mac Collection Mania in April-Are You Sitting Down? I Need a Sedative…

There are so many new Mac collections releasing next month. Remember how I love/hate them? This is why people. I am going out of my mind with joy/panic and I thought I’d bring you along….

Fashion Sets Collection-April 4th









Product list courtesy of Mac Guy from Specktra:

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright violet purple (Matte)

Ablaze – Bright apricot (Matte)

Silly – Bright pink (Matte)

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia (Matte)

Lipglass 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright purple

Ablaze – Bright apricot

Silly – Bright pink

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia

Lip Pencil 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright purple

Ablaze – Bright apricot

Silly – Bright pink

Embrace Me – Vivid pinkish purple

Eye Shadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Heroine – Bright cobalt blue (Matte)

Ablaze – Midtone coral (Matte)

Silly – Bright pink (Frost)

Embrace Me – Blue pink (satin)

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18. CAD

Heroine – Bright violet (Cream)

Ablaze – Bright orange (Cream)

Silly – Bright pink (Cream)

Embrace Me – Bright fuchsia (Cream)

Mac Hayley Williams Collection-April 9th (online only)

Product List courtesy of Mac Guy from Specktra:

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Sounds Like Noise – Bright true orange (Matte)

Eye Shadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Daydreaming – Frosted mid-tone coral (Veluxe Pearl)

Mineralize Skinfinish 29.00 US/32.00 CAD

Lightscapade – Soft candlelit beige with multi dimensional shimmer

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18.00 CAD

Riot Gear – Bright true orange (Cream)

Mac In Extra Dimension Collection-April 11th


Product List courtesy of Mac Guy from Specktra:

Extra Dimension Skinfinish 30.00 US/35.00 CAD

Double Definition – Soft shimmery gold / Patina bronze

Shape The Future – Pastel pink with iridescence / Soft brick with shimmer

Definitely Defined – Silvery pink / Soft rose with shimmer

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow 21.00 US/25.00 CAD

Zestful – Pale iridescent lime

Extra Silver – True silver

Dimensional Blue – Frosty blue

Opalesse – Opalescent white with pink pearlized pigments

Triple Impact – Opalescent lavender with violet pearlized pigment

Smoky Mauve – Mid-tone mauve

Extra Dimension Blush 25.00 US/29.50 CAD

Flaming Chic – Bright blue pink

Bareness – Rosy beige pink

At Dusk – Mid-tone rose pink

Fiery Impact – Burnt red bronze

Blazing Heat – Mid-tone peach

128 Brush 35.00 US/42.00 CAD

Split Fibre Cheek Brush

235 Brush 31.00 US/37.50 CAD

Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush

Mac Baking Beauties Collection-April 18

Product list courtesy of Mac Guy from Specktra:

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Rasberry Swirl – Light white blue pink (Cremesheen)

Pure Decoration – Light white peach (Cremesheen)

Lavender Whip – Light cool lavender (Cremesheen)

Devil’s Food – Glossy deep plum (Frost)

Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm 19.50 US/22.50 CAD

Sweet Tooth – Creamy lilac

Baking Beauty – Creamy light peach

Glace’ – Creamy pale baby blue

Cheery Cherry – Creamy mid-tone blue pink

Pro Longwear Paint Pot 18.50 US/22.00 CAD

Fancy Frosting – Frosted white

Mooncake – Warm beige

Eclair – Light chocolate with gold pearlized pigments

Let’s Skate – Pale pink with pearlized pigments

Dangerous Cuvee – Frosted cool grey

Glitter 21.00 US/25.00 CAD

Reflects Transparent Teal – Sparkling white with turqoise

Pink – Bright pink

Haute & Naughty Lash 20.00 US/23.50 CAD


Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD

In For A Treat – Champagne base with matte coral flowers and mint leaves

Pink Buttercream – Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves

Lustre Drops 21.00 US/25.00 CAD

Pink Rebel – Blue pink with gold pearlized pigments

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18/00 CAD

Blue Velvet – Light periwinkle blue (Cream)

Confectionary – Light blue pink (Cream)

Pistachio Creme – Light teal mint (Cream)

129 Brush 35.00 US/42.00 CAD

Powder/Blush Brush

252 Brush 31.00 US/37.50 CAD

Large Shader Brush

As if that wasn’t enough there is going to be a Nudes & Metallics Collection that is available at Pro Stores on the 18th as well. Click here for the link to that product list. For nude lippie/eyeshadow lovers this will be huge. The metallics are calling my name darn it. You might have to call to order what you like from a Pro store near you so consider that.

I’m putting a list together of my must haves. I follow religiously for early swatch pics and information in general from the knowledgeable posters there. It’s a fun place if you love makeup! Is there a collection that you are interested in here? Let us all know.

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  1. says

    LMAO thank you for bringing us along in ensuing MORE panic *wall slides*

    The skinfinishes!!!!!!!!!!! O-M-G! Fiery Impact will be mine! I put that on er’thang! I’ve been wearing out the 2 extra dimension shadows I have. I definitely want more.

    I can’t STAND MAC right now! Kind of glad I haven’t purchased anything during the Ulta Days of Beauty. Well kind of forced not to purchase anything. Now let me go in the corner and cry lol!

    • says

      I hear ya. Why in the world is all of this goodness in one GODAMN month? I love the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes so they are a must have to me and I’m so glad the Extra Dimension shadows don’t sound all that great. I love those things. They are the best blending shadows Mac has in my opinion and I only have Smoky Mauve on my list now and I’m hoping thats it. I am scaling back on the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty myself to get my wallet ready for this. I’ll miss getting a few $9 Butter London polishes and a few $9 Bare Minerals mascaras but I gotta save up a little more than expected for this shiz next month!

      • says


        Right. I was going to hit up the Butter London polishes but I just went through my stash and pulled some polishes to send to a friend and pitched some. Hell I think I have more polishes that this one nail salon I go to lol! I thought I had Jack the Lad but I don’t. I maaaay go see if they have that one and that’s it! I have more the enough mascara right now with more coming from Mally with an auto delivery that I may push back to June.

        I only picked up 2 extra dimension shadows from last year’s collection. Need to see what the blue is looking like and smoky mauve. Not too sure about the others based on the descriptions.

      • Nibeya says

        i know thats right, why oh why oh, just when i think i might be able to save something, her come mac with some new stuff that i just got to have. ugggg. didnt the Achie collection just make them a bundle of money, cant they let us breath, and im going to imats and im going to themakeup show, lord please help me

  2. Courtney says

    I with you Lady!!!! I have my post it by my desk at work with all my dates! I’m ready for war! I NEED Lavender Whip, Glace, Herione everything x2(minus the shadow), Daydreaming and Zestful eyeshadows.

    • says

      This is war!!! I’m glad you are all set. Some of these collections are passes but Fashion Sets and the Extra Dimension one are enough to make a girl go broke!

  3. Marissa says

    Oh my. Ah!!! Dang nabit MAC!!! Grrrr…lol Okay, enough with the dramatics. I definitely put myself on a makeup restriction for the month of March because I knew the fashion sets collection was coming out and I really want the Heroine set. It even meant missing out on the Ulta goodies :( but now I am so glad I’ve been saving. I MUST have the extra diminish skin finish, Double Definition. I absolutely love the skin finishes and I have a good feeling that skin finish will be PERFECT for summer and my glow. I’m African-American and those things make me look like I glow from within. I’m pretty sure I can hold myself from the Hayley Williams collection but hopefully the Baking Beauties Collection doesn’t get me once swatches are released, smhhhh. I have to keep telling myself the Rihanna collection will be coming in May! ha! lol but thank you SO SO much for the heads up. I love having some advance notice on my collections so I’m not caught all off guard.

    • says

      Your welcome it’s so much better with notice. I tend to over buy if I’m caught off guard. I make a list and then as time goes on cross off things based on what I’ve got in my stash and what I can live without. Those skin finishes are unbeatable. They do give that j.lo glow and light up your face like nothing else! I’m going to skip Baking Beauties but I need to see swatches of the Eclair Paint Pot and the Devil’s Food Lipstick. I might consider them if they swatch beautifully.

  4. says

    I was gonna get the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gel you just showed in the haul video, but now I need to rethink…li have been a Mac fan lately… And I didn’t get any extra dimension stuff last time when they were out… I need to save my money to try some !!!!

    Thanks for the info :):)

  5. Africanorchid says

    oh man Crystal. My wallet just pointed a water pistol at me. sigh. Guess i gotta bite the bullet and get my list together too. Thanks for that great heads up. :-D

  6. tracey says

    The ED collection will destroy my wallet!! I am not that interested in baking beauties.I need to check out the link for the nudes and metallics… may be right up my alley!
    Rihanna RiRi Woo is in May I believe.. then summer collections.. then fall … :(
    My poor visa, but my pretty face and makeup collection can rejoice!

  7. Khalilah says

    Why why why Crystal???? What are we going to do? Buy a few maybe…lol do you happen to know if they will go on sale online at midnight?…I’m usually late where I have to search MAC counters in person to get these LEs

    • says

      It helps to start checking two days before release day. These collections often go up early and thats the best way to get the jump on most people:) And when they go up online I pick a product name to search on (bottom left-where it says enter search term) because they don’t put the collection under the new collections section right away or on the front page. The individual products are there but unless you go to the site map area or use the search box you can’t see them. I’ve placed most of my orders at 6 or 7am lol! These are the tricky games Mac plays. Ahhh my love/hate runs deep!

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