Mac In Extra Dimension Collection

Oh boy this is gonna be a good one. This collection comes out early next month (April 5th I think) and I’m all over it. It’s ten eyeshadows and three skinfinishes. YES PLEASE, sign me up!

Here are the ten shadows($20 each) in the collection….the color names/descriptions below the picture don’t match up. Sorry!


  • Warm Thunder: Dirty silver grey (Metallic)
  • Blue Orbit: Light iridescent purple (Metallic)
  • Grand Galaxy: Dirty mid-tone violet (Metallic)
  • Lunar: Royal blue (Metallic)
  • Havana: Dirty copper brown (Metallic)
  • Sweet Heat: Bright peach champagne (Metallic)
  • Modern Pewter: Dirty olive gold (Metallic)
  • Rich Core: Dirty Aubergine (Metallic)
  • Dark Dare: Charcoal black (Glow)
  • Young Venus: Pale white pink (Metallic)

    And the skinfinishes ($28 each) there are three…..

    Photo: Iheartmakeupart

  • Whisper Of Gilt: Light, soft white gold with shimmery sheen
  • Superb: Soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer
  • Glorify: Copper with golden shimmer
  • If you’d like to see some swatches from on a deeper skin tone, click here.

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