Mac Posh Paradise Paint Pots: Half-Wild, Hyperviolet, and Imaginary









Half-Wild, Hyperviolet, and Imaginary Paint Pots

I’m a huge Paint Pot lover. When I saw that Mac was coming out with a collection that had new Paint Pots in it I was sooo happy. I use them after eye primer as a base for many eye looks before I use powder eyeshadow. These dry fast and stay on all day without any issues on me. There are more Paint Pot colors in the Posh Paradise collection so if you’d like to check them out in the store or online you better be quick about it. They are selling out fast!









Half-Wild Paint Pot

I love this color, it’s a nice medium tone purple. On the Mac website its described as a frost but it’s not too frosty at all for me. I was worried it would have a strange pearlish glimmer to it but it doesn’t have that at all. I look forward to using this!









Hyperviolet Paint Pot

This color isn’t what I expected at all. It’s described as a deep violet but it has a nice cherry tint or tone to me. Anyway it’s a deep purple shade and it’s a flat color, no shimmer. I think that I am going to need to be careful using this, a mistake would mean serious clean up. This color looks unforgiving.









Imaginary Paint Pot

This is my favorite one. It’s a deep navy color but all I see is purple when I swatch it! I don’t care what Mac says I see a nice deep color that I love. This is gonna be fun to use. Here is a swatch of all the colors on my hand.

Half-Wild, Hyperviolet, and Imaginary swatched

Mac Paint Pot’s are $17.50 each, so I recommend getting colors that you will get a lot of use out of. They last a decent amount of time but do dry out over time.

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  1. T.R. says

    They are all so pretty. Unfortunately I don’t use paint pots etc that much. I have that pretty grey/blue one that came out a few months back. Not to mention I have MUFE color palette that I got at IMATS. Still haven’t used either.

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