Mac Ruffian Red Lipstick

image of mac ruffian red lipstick









image of mac ruffian red lipstickimage of mac ruffian red









I love this new matte lipstick from Mac. I am going through a phase and all matte lipsticks are like catnip to me. I go a little crazy when I see them. I was going to skip this collection but I just got this instead so I was kinda good right? The Ruffian Gold was tempting as hell after checking out Temptalia’s post. She put Ruffian Gold over Ruffian Red and it is AMAZING! Did you see that? Check it out here. Now that’s hot!

This shade is $14.50 and if you are a matte lover worth getting. I think this collection is only available online so going to the counter to check it out isn’t possible.

*I’m waiting for my Mac Heavenly Creatures order to come. I ordered last night and it’s out for delivery according to UPS!

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  1. Amoure says

    This is a gorgeous color indeed and what’s nice is I seen it on someone else and it looked completely different than it does on you. I am loving this color against your skin tone and it gives me an idea of what it will look like on myself. I took a sneak peek at Temptalia’s layering and it’s beautiful. How does this matte compare Ruby Woo (I can’t think of the other matte red by MAC but it was gorgeous also)? Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      So many people have asked me if its as dry as Ruby Woo and after wearing it two days I can say its not for some reason. This is way more comfortable to wear!

  2. Allie says

    I’ve seen a million posts of this lipstick, but it’s your swatch that’s finally caused me to take the plunge! ^__^

    What do you use to keep your lips so smooth, Crystal? Mine are always dry/peeling |:

    • says

      It’s funny I’ve tried so many products to moisturize my lips but the Mac Lip Conditioner tube works best. I have three tubes at all times. One in my car, bathroom, and bedside. It’s an obsession!

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