Mac Archie’s Girls Collection Loooong Product List!

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Are you ready for this one? I don’t know if I am! I’m in love with most of the Veronica side of things. Let me know if you will be getting anything from this release. If you haven’t seen Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog’s post and swatches of all the products you should its fantastic. Check that out here! A lot of blogs are reporting that the products will be available online on the 30th. I’ll be on the lookout for that!

Here is the collection product list from Mac Guy on

Archies Girls: Betty and Veronica  February 7 US


Lipstick 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Daddys Little Girl – Mid-Tone Pink Violet (Satin)

Boyfriend Stealer – Deep Blackened Plum (Cremesheen)

Ronnie Red – Bright Red (Matte)

Lipglass 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Mall Madness – Mid-Tone Pink Violet

Strawberry Malt – Bright Red

Feelin’ So Good – Deep Blackened Plum

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow X4 44.00 US/52.00 CAD

Ron Ron Run – Deep Navy (Satin)

Spoiled Rich – Rich Purple (Frost)

Pin-Up Purple – Mid-Tone Orchid (Frost)

Gravel – Charcoal (Matte)

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Designer Purple – Violet with Pearlized Pigments

Petrol Blue – Deep Navy with Pearlized Pigments

Pigment 23.00 US/27.50 CAD

Magic Spells – Blackened Teal

Black Poodle – Blackened Pink

Opulash 17.50 US/21.00 CAD

Bad Bad Black – Intense Black

Powder Blush 22.00 US/26.00 CAD

Prom Princess – Mid-Tone Violet Pink (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD

Veronicas Blush – Silvery pink with deep pink hearts

Nail Lacquer 17.50 US/21.00 CAD

Past Curfew – Deep Berry (Cream)

Double Trouble – Deep Navy (Cream)



Lipstick 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Betty Bright – Light Vibrant Peach (Satin)

Girl Next Door – Vivid Blue Pink (Lustre)

Oh, Oh, Oh – Sheer Brown Plum (Lustre)

Lipglass 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Kiss & Don’t Tell – Bright Coral

Summer Sweetheart – Light Peach

Stay Sweet – Light Lavender Pink

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow X4 44.00 US/52.00 CAD

Caramel Sundae – Mid-Tone Warm Tan (Satin)

Cheryl Chic – Light Coral Pink (Frost)

Dreammaker – Pale Frosty Yellow (Frost)

Showstopper – Dark, cool-toned brown (Matte)

Pearlglide Intense Liner 16.50 US/20.00 CAD

Black Swan – Black ith gold pearlized Pigments

Lord it Up – Bronze with pearlized Pigments

Pigment 23.00 US/27.00 CAD

Lucky in Love – Shimmering Light Blue Green

Cheers My Deear – Light Lavender

Opulash 17.50 US/21.00 CAD

Optimum Black – Saturated Intense Black

Powder Blush 22.00 US/26.00 CAD

Cream Soda – Light Neutral Coral (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD

Flatter me – Golden peach base with coral hearts

Nail Lacquer 17.50 US/21.00 CAD

Comic Cure – Bright Coral (Cream)

Pep Pep Pep – Light peach nude (Cream)


Archie’s Girls Brush Kit  49.50 US/59.50 CAD

167 SE – Face Blender Brush

168 SE – Large Angle Contour Brush

226 SE – Small Tapered Blending Brush

242 SE – Shader brush

266 SE – Small Angle Brush

Jingle Jangle Coin Purse 32.00 US/38.50 CAD

White faux patent coin purse with red piping and zipper closure

Young Hearts Mirror  25.00 US/30.00 CAD

Mirror with white faux patent slipcase

Just a Flirt Makeup Bag 38.00 US/45.00 CAD

White Faux Patent Makeup Bag

Yours Forever Tote 49.50 US/59.50 CAD

White faux patente tore with heart shaped front pocket and red piping


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  1. hsiek says

    Before seeing swatches of this collection, I was almost certain I wanted two of each girls’ lipsticks. That’s it. Now, I want even less. lol All I’m eyeing is Bright Betty. Everything else is rather dupe-able to me.

  2. says

    Ok soooooo…..
    I made one list of what I “wanted” and of course it was a long azz list. Then I went back and tried to pair down that list. Now that I’ve seen swatches of stuff and some possible dupable stuff on Instagram now my azz is just straight up confused lol.

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