Makeup Brushes-Who Makes Your Favorites?

I have so many different makeup brushes from a ton of different brands.  Are you like that or do you have some brand loyalty? When I first started getting brushes I wasn’t too concerned about how my makeup brushes felt. I was young and reckless I guess! Now that I look back I realize I was rubbing my face with sandpaper practically. But now I’m all about soft but effective brushes.

I love Real Techniques and Bare Minerals brushes best. I have some really nice ones from various other brands and less than five Mac brushes total. I think Mac brushes are nice overall but I haven’t purchased many. I didn’t really see the point. I’ve heard great things about Eco Tools but I don’t have any of those.

What company makes your favorite makeup brushes?

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  1. says

    Real Techniques, Bare Minerals, Elf, SIgma (love/hate relationship with them). I don’t own any Mac brushes. The only one I want is the 239.

  2. Vetta says

    I love Sedona Lace brushes! They are similar to MAC and Sigma but lower in price. I have the 12 piece and the professional kit (which I like better). I also love the bare minerals ones too!

      • Vetta says

        I like the vortex kit, I use it the most it’s 80.00. The tulip brush is great for blush and that fan brush I use for highlighting. Take a look at them. You can buy them separately too.

          • Vetta says

            Yes me too!, speakingof ccleaning Ineed to do mine today. I even tried to find a brush cleaning machine that does it for you. Lol! If you try them tell me what you think of them.

          • Vetta says

            I just bought the real techniques brush sets yesterday at ulta. I have been seeing them so I decided to try them. More brushes to clean! Yikes! Lol

  3. Tracey says

    Hey crystal! Most of my collection are Mac brushes. I think I told you about the LE 159 which is a MUST/need/GAMECHANGER in the highlighting department. I love my real techniques as much as I like my Mac brushes. You have to admit that nothing beats the 239, 217 and the d/c 222.
    I will next invest in really unique hakuhodo 1-2 at a time haha
    I am writing this from Ikea haha that’s how much I wanted to comment (mmmm $4 meatballs)

  4. Rene says

    Hakuhodo are the ones I splurge on. I usually buy one of them per year. I love my Sigma Precision brushes and the Sigma F80. The Mac 187 is great. I’m not brand loyal, I usually do alot of research and listen to people’s recommendations before I invest in another brush.

    • says

      It’s so important to do your research on a lot of the higher end stuff especially brushes. I have no loyalty whatsoever but I’m always on the lookout for something good!

  5. Preety says

    I use Sigma brushes. they are affordable and nice. I have heard alot of good things about the MAC brushes but i just couldnt justify it to myself in purchasing them so i have the whole brush set from Sigma which im loving.
    I do want to buy the fan brush from Eco tools. Also the fan brush from makeup forever looks so good.

    • says

      There are some much better priced brushes out there than Mac. I have only one MUFE brush but it’s amazing. It’s a kabuki but it makes me wonder if I should check what else they have got!

  6. Pickygal29 says

    I have some Sonia kashiuk I absolutely adore! Real techniques took a moment to grow on me and I love some of the ELF brushes. I have 4 Mac — 2 shaders, a blending and the brush w the temp rising collection. I have imma brushes and they are nice bought i mostly have Sedona lace which I like also. Not quite at hakuhodu level yet!

  7. Melanie Y. says

    I really like Sigma, really soft and maintain quality. ELF is good for being on a budget, but they do shed and quality is not consistent. MAC is ok, but I find the 217 scratchy. Real Techniques are awesome as well.

    • says

      There are some ELF brushes that are amazing and then I have two that are really bad. But the good ones are sooooo good. I wish I could buy them from a store around here so I could see them first!

  8. Jay says

    I love your blog & videos! I have many brushes including MAC, ELF, Real Techniques, Urban Decay, Inglot, Sephora. Hands down my best brushes are from MAC, Sephora Pro Collection, and my Urban Decan optical blurring brush. I love the MAC 217 so much I have a back-up! Every Sigma brush I’ve bought has sucked. Honestly not worth it at all. On my wish list now is the NARS Ita Kabuki brush.

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