Makeup Stash Update-Muji Makes Me Happy

Nothing makes me happier than everything being in its place. The right place-not a made up one! I got my stash all organized with my new additional Muji five stacks and here is a peek at it. Now I have to work on getting all my crap off the counter!

Ahhh organization just makes me feel at peace….

You can fit a decent amount of makeup in the drawers…

















Cool huh? I love my Muji drawers. Check the site out here if you are in need of storage drawers. They come in stacks of 2,3, and 5. So if you need a little or a lot they have got you covered!

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  1. T.R. says

    Still on the fence about these. Probably because my vanity top is tooo crowded and my drawer is over flowing. *sigh* I could go on a “no makeup buying” hiatus and start “trimming” my stash…..*sigh* decisions decisions. :O)

  2. says

    This is bomb! im loving it Crystal, really loving it…. my makeup organization is overflowing and a mess, I don’t think I should call it a “makeup organization” because its not organized at all, lol.
    My boyfriend was laughing at me the other day cause I couldn’t get my foundation drawer to close.

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