Mary Kay Creme Lipsticks- Sunny Citrus & Really Red

I love lipstick. The right lipstick delivers more pigmentation and longer wear than most glosses. I hate drying lipsticks and if you have “creme” in the name then you better deliver right?

These MK Creme lipsticks are comfortable to wear (nice and creamy) and last several hours on me and the COLORS! There are soooo many shades available! Over 30 in all, so something for everyone. They retail for $13 each so investing in a few won’t break the bank.

Take a look at Sunny Citrus. This is an orange you need on your life!








Sunny Citrus Lipstick








Really Red Lipstick

Both colors are gorgeous but Really Red just screams Hollywood glamour to me. I love it. This is a color I use on run out of the house days. You have those also right? I put on some mascara, throw on sunglasses, and break out the Really Red lipstick. I’m done and I look kinda classy right? That’s what I tell myself any way! Check all of the shades out at

Did you see my post on Mango Tango lip gloss? Check that out if your a die hard gloss girl or if you love eye catching lip gloss.

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  1. Amoure says

    The finish on these is very creamy and I like the colors as well. I’ll have to check out that gloss because I’m definitely a die-hard gloss girl.

  2. says

    i’m gonna be having one of those makeup showcasing things they do at mary kay in 3 weeks & i was thinking of getting something but i’ve never spent that much on any makeup item! what do u recommend? i ordered the satin lips treatment set & was thinking of just getting the eye makeup remover, just because it’s something i’d invest in cause it’s good & my eyes are sensitive.. anyhow, my point is i don’t know what to get! & they’re pricing is like close to mac’s & i don’t own anything mac yet… please help!

    • says

      My favorite thing they make are the glosses and skin care. I posted about four of the glosses they are amazing. I like the lipsticks, mascara, and eyeshadows also. I use the eye makeup remover it’s good. The skin care is really good. I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and the night treatments helped with my skin discoloration.

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