Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss-Lavender Lavish is Limited Edition & I Got a Backup!









Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Lavender Lavish #300, $7.99 at Walgreens









I love this darn gloss! I say that because its limited edition and I think it should be permanent damn it! I love purple and this light lavender shade is just so perfect and unexpected. I think it looks super flattering even though its a rather cool tone on me. I tend to favor the warmer shades but the right cool tones leave me breathless. I for sure got a backup! I just had to. This was a must have after I first put it on my lips.

I showed you L’oreal’s Lacquer-ized gloss last week and this is a sister to that. It’s not as thick as the L’oreal formula but its so comfortable to wear and moisturizing. Touch ups are needed after big meals and there is a slight fruity scent to the gloss. I love all of the Colorsensational glosses from Maybelline and I want them all! I picked up a few more of the Fall 2013 gloss shades and some lipsticks also. I would love to show them to you. Have both collections come to your town yet?

I posted my new Maybelline products haul with swatches on Youtube last month. Take a look at it if you haven’t seen it! I also show the L’oreal lip shades that I got. I just wish all this stuff wasn’t limited edition….

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  1. says

    The BIIIIZZZZZNESSSS!!! Wear it over Daddy’s Little Girl. I haven’t decided if I wanted a backup or not. Hell I had a hard enough time trying to find a full display. Still don’t have one of the lipsticks I wanted.

  2. eb says

    Yessss! Lavender lavish is everything. It took me four trips to four different stores to find a tube that hadn’t been tested or tampered with in some way. But, finally success! My relentless pursuit paid off. Thanks for recommending this one. It’s stunning.

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