Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation Reviewed

This has got to be one of the most interesting products I’ve picked up in a while. Foam foundation? What a concept!

I purchased two shades Light Cocoa#360 and Cocoa #370. I wasn’t sure which one would work for me. The hardest thing to do at the drugstore is pick out a foundation in my opinion. I never know what to get. Luckily I picked up two close fits for my skin. One is a darn near perfect match. Light Cocoa #360 works for me because its got a more yellow based tone. But if you are around my shade but have a red/orange undertone Cocoa #370 might work for you. I took a picture of each color foundation so you can see what it looks like straight out of the can and smoothed into my hand.









Light Cocoa #360 Airfoam








Cocoa #370 Airfoam

Both air-fused foundations have SPF 16 so they have sun protection which is great. I found the consistency to be easy to work with and a little goes a long way. In fact in the pictures on the left above I have too much product for my hand. I wanted you to be able to see the color but I have enough in both pictures to practically do my whole face. A little ball of foam goes a long way.

The directions say to shake the can up and press lightly to dispense the foam. A walnut size amount of foam is all you need so about the same amount as the pictures above on the left. I put this on the back of my hand and dabbed the foam on my face quickly. This smooths into your skin nicely like a moisturizer almost. The only thing that I felt was odd is that after the Airfoam dries on your skin I felt a tightness each time. I’ve never had a foundation do that. It wasn’t so uncomfortable that I couldn’t keep testing the product out, it was just strange. Kind of like a washing your face with a new cleanser and your skin feeling tight afterward. That has never happened to me with a foundation. I didn’t break out using this but those with sensitive skin might have an issue. I’m wondering what in the world is causing “the tightening effect”.

Since I have combination skin I must say this is a good fit for my skin type. Maybe it’s that tightness but whatever is in this stuff keeps my skin in check most of the day. My oily t-zone doesn’t creep through for hours, about four-five hrs in fact!

After trying both I found Light Cocoa #360 to be a better match. Both look good but as usual I figured out the best shade for me using my neck test. Red/Orange toned foundations trick me all the time, I’m drawn to them. They make my skin look more alive. Basically I put both colors (Light Cocoa & Cocoa) on either side of my face and then I looked at the side view of my face and my neck. So my neck does not have foundation on it at all, it’s just bare. A red/orange based foundation always looks crazy on me when I look at the comparison against my neck. It looks so wrong and that’s how I can tell a foundation isn’t a good fit. It looks like my head and my neck do NOT belong together. When I looked at the Light Cocoa #360 side of my face and neck it looks perfect, no glaring differences.

This is light coverage in my opinion and something that I think will appeal to those that don’t like thick foundation. This stuff is light and easy to wear. I didn’t notice any fading or splotchiness throughout the day. Sometimes that’s a concern for light weight products like this. When I tried to double up on the foam under my eyes (for my bags/discoloration) nothing happened. I ended up pulling my concealer out most days. So I think this air-foam was fun to try but I think for the amount of coverage I wouldn’t repurchase. I would just use a good tinted moisturizer in its place. I am glad I tried it and I liked it more than I thought I would. It’s priced at around $10 at all the major drugstores as well as Walmart and Target. If you like checking out new makeup technology this might be a fun thing for you to try.

Rated B-

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  1. Veronica says

    I started using it today, it felt good when I applied it this morning but through the day my face started to itch I washed my face and I look like I’m sunburned and it hurts just like it. I’m hoping the redness will be gone tomorrow morning :S

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