Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator (Limited Edition!)








Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator (LE)

I’m in love with this. But thats no surprise. Maybelline came out with an illuminator last Fall and I lost my mind over that. It is called Touch of Light and if you want to torture yourself take a look at the post. It was limited edition and I HATE that. It’s amazing. I use it sparingly and I get a little giddy using it. So when I saw Dream Sun at Bed Bath & Beyond I didn’t get it right away. I felt like they had already achieved perfection. It was the only thing left in the BB&B display from the week before. The LE Color Tattoos were long gone!

I do want to let you know that if you haven’t seen this Summer Collection yet you soon will. I saw boxes for the Summer 2013 Maybelline Collection at Rite Aid and said so in a VLOG this past weekend and I’ve heard from a number of you that you picked up the new Color Tattoos! This is in the same display and its under $10. At BB&B it rang up for $6.79.

Application is easy! All you need to do with this is tap a little of the liquid along your upper cheeks and you are all set.

The color and amazing glow of the product is beautiful! I LOVE THIS STUFF!









How amazing is that? In the display at BB&B there were only a few of these I think so get em while the gettings good! Here’s that shopping VLOG video from my other channel (subscribe if you haven’t already and you’d like to see drugstore and high end shopping with me stuff) if you haven’t seen it already. There are a few limited edition displays from Maybelline to watch out for!

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  1. Alex says

    Does the color for this come out dark? are there bronzing properties? I would like to get something to mix in with my foundation. I used benefit high beam and loved the suble glow.

  2. Kallie Pancham says

    Can you do me a reaaaaaaallly big favor and review the ” Hard Candy Glow All the Way in Tropical Tan”? since this is limited edition i just want to see if theirs a product just like it. :)

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